Are we going to talk about The Downward Spiral on the podcast this week? ONLY TIME WILL TELL (but yes, that is the plan as things currently stand). While we’ve been talking a lot about nostalgia acts on We Have a Technical recently, there is something palpable about Trent Reznor’s magnum opus turning 30 that struck us as being discussion worthy, and indeed offers some angles for conversation that go beyond how sick of hearing “Closer” we are. So yeah, that’s gonna be a thing. Why not check out some new music in the interim though?



Houses of Heaven feat. MS.BOAN Mariana Saldaña, “Deserve”
Houses of Heaven’s sophomore LP Within/Without is way up at the top of our most anticipated records of 2024 based purely on the small tastes of it we’ve had thus far. If you haven’t checked out the foggy, dub-influenced on synthy post-punk the California trio make, well, why not dive in with this collab with the inimitable MS. BOAN (aka Mariana Saldaña of //TENSE// and Medio Mutante fame). It’s gauzy, lovely synthpop with just the right amount of edge and attitude to keep it spinning in your head long after its run time has expired.

Echoberyl, “Through the Chaos”
French darkwavers Echoberyl return with the title track of their forthcoming LP, Through the Chaos. The duo made up of Adriano Iacoangeli and Cecilia Dassonneville have been making solid electronic darkwave in the classic European style for a few years now, and while Adriano has explored current dance flavours with his Fluid Ghost project, Echoberyl has focused largely on melody and atmosphere in their work. It’s intriguing then that “Through the Chaos” integrates some intringuing synthpop melodics and electronic vocal manipulation, reminding us of Greek favourites Marsheaux. Keen for this LP to come across our desk.

Feyleux, “Lunaria Swirls”
The component parts of NC duo Feyleux’s demo single will be familiar to anyone who’s spent any time with the most traditional forms of darkwave over the past couple of decades. But when the chorus of “Lunaria Swirls” kicks in the project’s potential becomes apparent, with an understated but immediate refrain with an exquisite balance of melody and texture, plus a very solid vocal turn. Even with some pretty minimal production, serious pure darkwave chops are on display here.

Urban Heat, “Right Time of Night”
Texas post-punk trio Urban Heat have had plenty of buzz for a while now, and the string of singles they’ve been putting out in the lead-up to their as yet unscheduled debut for Artoffact Records have kept those fires burning. Admittedly it was the live aspect of the band that first grabbed us – if you have yet to have the pleasure, they are an absolute force on stage thanks to the raw charisma and vocal presence of Jonathan Horstmann – but tracks like “Right Time of Night” show the development of their material from pretty decent, to snappy, focused and above all, extremely catchy.

Principe Valiente, “Something New”
The opening lick might be a dead ringer for The Chameleons’ “Mad Jack”, but nope, it’s not a cover, and the rest of “Something New” gets across the strengths and charms of Swedish vets Principe Valiente in a very tight but expressive package. We’ve been checking in here and there with the band’s broad, dreamy, and decidedly melodic style of post-punk since 2011, and the power and atmosphere of this teaser has us excited for The Light coming this May.

Choke Chain, “Cruel (Modebionics Remix)”
If you checked Modebionics’ Precise Control LP from last year (or just read our review thereof), you’ll know that that act’s taste for vintage European dark electro seems a perfect counterpoint to the electo-nihilism of site faves Choke Chain. This mix of a tune from last year’s Mortality could easily be mistaken for original Zoth catalog or some hidden gem unearthed by the likes of Mecanica were it not for Mark Trueman’s unmistakable wounded howl.