Man, AFTERMATH is coming at us like a runaway train, with less than two weeks to go, so you’ll have to forgive our now perpetual state of flustered excitement. We know we’ve talking about it a lot (and there’s more to come this week), but no matter how much time we spend discussing and working on it we can’t stop being amazed this is happening. Go read up on our feelings about it, then maybe consider taking an impromptu trip to the T Dot? First beer is on us. Here’s some new jams to cue up and enjoy while you hunt for discount airfare!


You never know what you're going to see in Toronto: maybe The Iron Sheik rocking a nostalgic Blue Jays shirt.

The Present Moment, “No Surprises”
Oh snap, new Present Moment! We can’t tell if swerving the modern promo cycle is a strength or weakness of Scott Milton’s work, but either way the arrival of TPM’s third LP hit us like a bolt out of the blue a couple of days back. Expect a full review shortly, but for now check this track. The bite-sized summary (thus far) is that the same minimalist synthpop structures and solid melodies which made Loyal To A Fault one of our 2011 faves endure, but covered in more gauzy and forlorn atmospheres.

Sebastian Komor, “Vikings on Parade”
If you haven’t been paying attention, you might not be aware that Seb Komor (of more projects than we can reasonably sum up here) has been dropping some serious electronic/orchestral pieces of late. In the vein of his bangin’ remix of the theme from Game of Thrones, “Vikings on Parade” has an appropriately epic lift that suggests battle, betrayal, questing and maybe even a lil’ magic. Slide it into your next Warhammer 40K playlist, it should set the mood real nice.

TSTI, “Sincerity”
Schenectady’s TSTI keeping the drama hyped and the atmosphere thick on this sneak peak from their album in progress. Depeche Mode comparisons are kind of a hacky thing to bust out (after all, most folks will inevitably suffer from them), but we genuinely hear a bit of DM’s contemporary synth ballads in this lovely number. Straight croonin’ mixed with an expertly assembled framework that takes the slow but steady path to the top, this is the stuff that has kept us checking in on this project for a while now.

Panic Lift, “Awake (Alter Der Ruine remix)”
Whole lots of stuff going on here, so let’s break it down: Panic Lift just released the single “Awake”, which coincides nicely with their upcoming set at AFTERMATH (just under two weeks from right now, get your tickets!). The single features this really nice slowburn of a mix by Alter Der Ruine, who have a new album coming out July 8th, coincidentally the same day as the new album by Everything Goes Cold, who even more coincidentally have a mix on the “Awake” single! Try sketching that one out on a whiteboard why don’t you?

Secular Plague, “Factory Farm”
Vegan anarcho deathrock is something of a gimme round the HQ; a perfect Venn diagram overlap of our tastes and beliefs. Paris’ Secular Plague have dropped a couple quick 7″ flurries of animal rights-themed, doomy violence which have been spun around these parts fairly often, and they’ve just put out the Vivisection EP. Heavy musical cues are taken from latter-era Rudimentary Peni releases, for those who dig that work as much as us.

Kline Coma Xero, “Left Behind”
We’ve dug plenty of the reissues Seattle’s Medical Records have dug up, blown the dust off of, and sent out the door over the past couple of years, but they also have an ear to the ground when it comes to newer jamz influenced by classic styles. Coming out of California, Kline Coma Xero have a straightforward minimal wave steez which recalls The Normal and Fad Gadget. Here’s the first taste of their debut LP which’ll be available over the counter in June.