Presumably you spent your weekend like we did, packing to move, recording a bonus podcast, watching about a dozen hours of pro-wrestling, going to drag comedy shows, and seeing Boy Harsher and The Soft Moon to top it all off. In case you had better things (???) to do, here’s a recap: moving sucks, Bianca Del Rio remains the Don Rickles of drag, AJ vs Nakamura disappointed, and we had a good time at the show, which you’ll be able to hear about on We Have a Technical this week. We’re pretty exhausted, TBH, and with Verboden on the horizon it’s probably best that we just get to Tracks and then get back to it before we lose momentum and crumble into dust.


Visitor ain't saying shit about the new Edmonton EBM formula.

Visitor, “God Of All Flesh”
Edmonton’s Visitor have cropped up with a sound that’s about as far away from what comes to mind when we think of our prairie neighbours as we could conceive. Trading in a body-rocking and distinctly funky style of EBM, the duo’s demo release was quickly snapped up late last year, and is now being followed up with a full length LP on up and coming Berlin label Detriti. We’ll likely have some long form comments on Expat when it’s released in a month or so, but until then just enjoy the echoing, slap-heavy bass of this cut.

Celldöd, “Du Fick Som Du Ville”
Hot on the heels of last week’s slice of brutish analogue body music, we get another taste of what Celldöd is up to. As with all of Anders’ work in this project, you genuinely get that this is the product of hardware production, with all that that entails from a sequencing and performance perspective, raw and real as it comes. You can find the cut on the Myth Machine compilation from NEN Records , a release that is “dedicated to myths as a ways of giving meaning to the suffocating meaningless reality”, natch. Check the Myrrman track that is streaming currently while you’re at it.

Fixmer, “The Wall”
aufnahme + wiedergabe with a stealth release from ol’ Terrence Fixmer, aka one of the dudes who was exploring the techno-EBM sound for literal decades before it caught fire the other year. As such he understands perfectly how to work a bassline and add texture, separating the four cuts on The God from lesser productions by newjacks and trendhoppers. We’re def feeling the spastic, yelping vocals employed on “The Wall”, which has the feeling of being just slightly off-kilter, but in like, the good, kinda dangerous way.

The Gnome, “Flowing”
Here’s some ambient prettiness by way of Tony D’Oporto, AKA The Gnome. We’ve tracked his collaborative work quite regularly here on the website, be it his ambient records with Mark Spybey (now up to five LPs, if we don’t mistake ourselves), or his more dancefloor driven work with David Thrussell as Crisis Actor. His solo work’s always had a dreamy and languid pace, and his new full-length for ant-zen looks to continue that tradition.

Blac Kolor, “Awakening (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer)”
We’ve been waiting for Blac Kolor’s debut for Hands for a minute, and now that it’s arrived we’re quite excited to dig into it. Hendrick Grothe’s growth as a producer has been notable, bringing in more complex ideas and structures into his atmospheric take on instrumental industrial dance music. Peep the rhythmic noise touches on this new one, shifting his sound just a bit closer to Hands’ house style, but also working a vocal from Front 242’s Jean-Luc De Meyer into the track as well. We have yet to give this whole LP a proper listen, but when we do you can bet we’ll be writing something up.

Haujobb, “Penetration”
A few years back, just before the release of Blendwerk, there was talk of a forthcoming live Haujobb record which never materialized. A shame, as our favourite dynamically dour Deutsche duo have always reworked their classic catalog live to fit their current ethos. But finally, some official evidence of how Haujobb brings it to the stage has been offered up to the public, with versions of fourteen Haujobb classics (and one computer crash) appearing on Haujobb Alive. Peep this motorik reworking of mid-period classic “Penetration”.