Hey, friends. With only a few weeks until our year end coverage begins (we’re doing it a bit early this year so Alex can skip town) we’re doing our best to cram in as many reviews, and mentions of 2017 music as possible. We’ve been doing a decent enough job of crossing names of our list, but there’s always the lurking dread that something really amazing is being ignored, and what’s more that we won’t even hear about it ’til next year some time. Of course we consider the existence of amazing music just waiting to be uncovered a blessing, but we also want to do our best to help spread the word. Hence why if you know of something great we haven’t acknowledged yet, please leave a comment here on the blog. We’d sure appreciate it! On to this week’s Tracks.

Randolph & Mortimer

Randolph & Mortimer wanna get into it, man, y'know. Oh, Shi! Photography.

Chrome Corpse, “The Gratification War”
Something new from PNW EBM act Chrome Corpse, who you may recall put out a really fun and wide-ranging debut this year. We know that Michael from CC posts loves classic dark electro and early 90s body music and this cut really reflects that, with a hammering bassline and twinkling synth sequences to punctuate the drum hits. This is the first taste we’re getting from an upcoming EP release, another step in that rapid evolution of one of the pacific northwest’s most exciting newer acts.

Leaether Strip, “Anal Staircase (Coil cover)”
As two straight men, we’ve always wanted to acknowledge the connections between industrial and queer culture without trying to intercede our own experiences inasmuch as that’s possible while writing and talking about industrial music. Since our sainted Coil, no one has done as much to fight for gay rights in the industrial world as Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip, so if there’s anyone on the planet who’s earned the right to take on Coil’s mantle, it’s certainly Claus. His forthcoming ÆPPRECIATION II LP includes covers of tunes by Adam Ant, Fad Gadget, and, yes, Coil.

Randolph & Mortimer, “Eastern Bloc”
Per Sheffield’s industrial loyalists Randolph & Mortimer this cut was originally demo’d at the time they were recording their debut ep $ocial £utures but has lain fallow since. It’s a pretty interesting track from the group who are often thought of for their relationship with EBM, as it revolves heavily around some live bass and guitar that speak to some heretofore unsuspected New Order influences. You can nab this one on Soundcloud, and if you haven’t already, you should make a point of nabbing their excellent 3 song 2017 EP Hope Tragedy Myths from Bandcamp.

Dead Husband, “She’s An Adult”
It was only a couple of weeks back that we were praising Dead Husband’s recent EP for its buoyant celebration of 90s rave sounds alongside classic EBM tropes. The Boston pairing are already forging ahead, dishing out this Crayola-shaded blast of electro fun and reflection.

Div|der & soillodge, “Scattered”
It’s a Basic Unit bonanza as label acts Div|der and Ro1or (aka M Renfield in his soillodge guise) release collab that has apparently been a few years in the making. Two of the four tracks that make up the Spliced EP were apparently completed a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that Renfield got around to mixing and mastering the release, with a couple of newer songs to fill it out. Solid stuff that we’re glad is finally seeing the light of day, with plenty to appeal to fans of either act’s take on angular, beat-oriented industrial.

Orange Sector, “Das letzte Lied”
Lastly, German true-schoolers Orange Sector are taking a look backwards with a double-disc retrospective set. The duo have always favoured EBM in its most brooding and menacing form, and there’s plenty of that to be found on Endzeit, including this new and tense tune.