We’re gearing up for our next We Have A Commentary podcast, and we think folks’ll have hot takes and memories aplenty about our selection. We really enjoy working on those projects, as they both prompt us to do some serious research dives into the work and history at hand, but also just allow us to gas on about music we dig as we’re listening to it…which is of course the origin of I Die: You Die itself. We hope you’ll dig this next installment, and until then here are six brand new tracks to check out.


Bootblacks, about to get that “What We Do In The Shadows” bump.

Tempers, “The Use of My Belonging”
Ultra moody stuff from NYC’s Tempers on new single “The Use of My Belonging” via the good folks at Dais. Like all the duo’s stuff this has a real soulful take on Darkwave, although they’ve rarely sounded quite as elegiac as they do here. Really minimal electronics and drums mixed with mournful guitar and a truly lovely vocal that puts us in mind of any number of 4AD classics. Solid stuff from an underrated act who have a lot to offer Our Thing.

Rudiment, “Entrance To The Body”
Surly, mid-tempo, classically styled EBM from Russia, Alexey Bork’s Rudiment project mixes tiny hints of old-school electro and acid into the corners. But, as we’ve come to expect from Frankfurt’s excellent Smashing Tape label (the same folks who brought us Donna Haringway and New Fabrik), the focus stays on hard-hitting body music bits. Nice bit of revved-up club anxiety on this one.

Bootblacks, “Thin Skies”
Bootblacks’ forthcoming LP for Artoffact is one of our most hotly anticipated records this year. The New York post-punkers have always had tunes, but the level up in both the songwriting and execution of their material has been evident in every preview we’ve heard thus far, including the title track linked here. That kind of slowburn can run this risk of being turgid or inanimate, but this lands on the right side of gauzy and elegant. Jason Corbett from ACTORS was behind the recording desk for this one and you can certainly hear some of his influence on the band’s previously established sound.

Morwan, “Зола-Земля”
Intriguing stuff out of the Ukraine which seems to be fusing classic post-punk and goth with folk traditions out of that region. The result is simultaneously harried and relaxing, almost proggy in complexity but also immediate. To be less vague, it’s also reminding us of the mighty Belgrado, as well. Hat tip to our pal BP Hughes of Darkware for this one.

Vom, “Mirage”
The new Votive Offerings comp collects work from Glaswegian bands running the dark spectrum from minimal wave to gothy post-punk to pure drone and noise. Glasgow’s always seemed a vibrant and forthright place each time we’ve visited – equal parts working class pride and proper cultural hub – and hopefully we’ll get to take in some live stuff next time we’re there. In the meantime, we’re happy to bump this Duran Duran by way of //TENSE// number from Vom.

Live For You, “Gem1n1 Sun//Gem1n1 Moon”
Live For You’s Sometimes It Feels Like Chains features some lovely darkwave borne out of tragedy; Eddie Wuebben, one half of the LA-based wife and husband duo passed away in the Fall of 2019. Caitlin Rae has now released they music they were working on in at the time of his passing, and it’s a lovely and loving tribute to her partner, with dreamy guitar textures, sturdy drum programming and mysterious vocals. Available now via Bandcamp.