Terminus - The ID:UD Mixtape

Terminus is returning for a third year, and while we weren’t around for the impromptu “let’s have a festival since we’re all here” vibe of the first one, we can tell you that last one offered just about the perfect intimate environment in which to catch up with old friends, meet new folks, and most importantly see some incredible acts. The up close and personal feel made the performances all the more enjoyable, and considering the stacked lineup Chris and the rest of the crew at Dickens have assembled to roll through in a week’s time, we’re positive this one’ll be just as if not more memorable. Grab tickets if you haven’t done so yet, and toss on this mix featuring just about all of the acts that’ll be playing Calgary as you pack your bags. See you soon!

I Die: You Die Terminus Mixtape 2014 by I Die: You Die on Mixcloud

1. Covenant, “Thy Kingdom Come”
2. Decoded Feedback, “Another Loss”
3. Sangsara, “Pity The Innocent (Scream, Sarah! Scream! remix by Komor Kommando)”
4. Alter der Ruine, “I Am Drugs”
5. Go Fight, “Drop a Bomb (Megaton Mix)”
6. Ohm, “Brute”
7. iVardensphere, “Bloodline”
8. Author & Punisher, “Lonely”
9. W.A.S.T.E., “Most People Will Hate This”
10. Chrysalide, “I Do Not Divert Eyes”
11. In Strict Confidence, “Silver Bullets (Single Version)”
12. [:SITD:], “Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me)”
13. Tactical Sekt, “Bring Me Violence”
14. [product], “Giving Water, Taking Ash”
15. Kevorkian Death Cycle, “Mind Decay”
16. Rabbit Junk, “Break Shins to This”
17. 3 TEETH, “Final Product”
18. Cyanotic, “Alt Machine.edit”
19. Dead on TV, “Cocaine”
20. Die Warzau, “Jack Hammer”
21. Psyche, “Unbreakable”
22. Cygnets, “Sick Device”
23. Mr.Kitty, “Choke”
24. MEND, “Edgar”
25. Comaduster, “Futureproof Design”
26. Architect, “Altitude feat. Comaduster”