Out with February and in with March, as we careen through yet another month of new releases in Our Thing. We wanted to take a quick moment this week to give a shoutout to ā€ˇGustavo Verduzco who kindly compiles a mix of tracks from our best of Year End lists, complete with robot voiced accompaniment. Like a couple of jerks the Senior Staff completely missed the link when Gustavo posted it on FB back in January, so we hope he’ll accept a sorry, and our thanks for his consistent support. You can check out the mix over on his Mixcloud!

Try saying r.roo in a voice like Nixon on Futurama.

r.roo, “Die In Your Eyes”
Ukraine’s Andriy Symonovych has been running at breakneck speed through the various reaches of technoid and its bordering genres. We caught wind of him back in 2012 with his sparse mgnovenie release, and there have been umpteen LPs and singles since then. His forthcoming LP, shilly-shally, has found a home over at Audiotrauma, and the first taster showcases a heavy dollop of wet and lush ambiance alongside the shearing acoustic elements which initially set him apart from his peers. Should appeal to fans of Stendeck and Balam Acab.

Chrome Corpse, “Mangled Matter”
Here’s some crushing lo-fi industrial from down Seattle way courtesy of Chrome Corpse, and their recently released first LP. You can expect a full length review of the self-titled debut to hit this site later in the week (like tomorrow probably), but this should give you a good and proper taste of what this project has thus far been capable of: classic post-industrial vibes, a little body music for good measure and just the right amount of classic horror samples to round things out.

Actors, “Like U Want 2”
Vancouver’s Actors have regularly been impressing us of late, both on record and live. We think newcomers’ll be pleasantly surprised by their set at Terminus in a few months, and if you’ve still yet to check out the cinematic post-punk act, they’ve just collated and remastered a “Reanimated” set of their early singles to get folks up to speed. Tough not to get caught up in something as hummable as this little number…

Mr.Kitty, “Earthstones”
8 days ’til Mr.Kitty’s A.I. material is upon us, and this teaser is like a tender appetizer for our starved ears. Well sure, Forrest Carney is never totally absent from our listening diet, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for new stuff to supplement the catalogue of one of the artists we follow most closely here at I Die: You Die. This new song “Earthstones” comes complete with the kind of melancholy and melody that first drew us to the project. It’s all feelings, all the time.

Collin Strange, “No Remorse”
Old techno is the new old punk…or something like that. Here’s some hard and grinding acid house from Seattle’s Collin Strange, who weds his anarcho background to his current aesthetic: “no gods / no laptops”, as he says. Strange’s new tape How I Creep is out on Glasgow’s Clan Destine, whom canny folks may recall gave new old-schoolers Spit Mask their first crack at the can. Hat tip to Avi in the Slack channel for this one!

Slighter, “Mute Yourself”
Peep this moody slice of industrial rock courtesy of Colin Allrich’s recently reactivated Slighter. One of the most interesting things about this project is the breadth of sounds explored, which touch on glitchy electronics, guitar based chug and moody soundtrack influences. This one leans heavily into that dirgey electronica with maybe a touch of Douglas McCarthy’s solo material for good measure? Have a listen.