Morning, friends! It was quite the weekend for live fare here in Van, starting with the two-day Verboden festival which showcased the best of Vancouver’s new dark age and welcomed performers from Seattle, Chicago, and even Sweden. Oh yeah, and Bruce caught Iron Maiden last night to boot. Expect a recap of Verboden on this week’s podcast, but the big festival news for us looking forward is the addition of a very special set from Daniel Myer at Terminus. Rather than performing as any one of his incalculable projects or monikers, Myer’s instead offering fans the chance to dig through his archives and vote for which tracks from which projects they’d like to hear. And as it happens, the voting will be taking place right here on in the weeks to come! Always wondered what “Pillowtalk” would sound like live? Need to hear S’Apex on a proper PA before you die? Here’s your chance to get everything on your Myer bucket list ticked off in one fell swoop! Stay tuned to the site for more info as it comes, and check out this week’s batch of fresh tracks!

Give us a few hours alone with these, please and thank you.

Wulfband, “Mann an Mann an Mann”
We were surprised by how well people responded to Wulfband’s 2014 self-titled debut for Progress Productions. Not to downplay the quality of that record (which we enjoyed a great deal), but it’s not often that a neo-oldschool body act crosses over in terms of interest from folks not already steeped in that scene. New single is a good reminder of their broad appeal, all chanted vocals, danceable basslines and that distinctly odd Swedish EBM touch that we like so well.

Marsheaux, “Full Attack”

A new Marsheaux song is like a glass of water when you’re super thirsty, only for your soul. The greek synthpop duo have the dreamy, thirst-quenching synthpop thing down as pat as anyone has ever done it, as their forthcoming best of disk Odyssey should attest. New song “Full Attack” is chock full of the stuff we love about them, with its intertwined vocals and plucky synth melody. Nobody does it better.

Sophia, “The Unclean”
Cold Meat Industry refugee Peter Bjärgö’s found an ideal home at Cyclic Law records. In addition to well serving his neo-classical/ethereal ensemble Arcana, the dark ambient label’s done an excellent job of curating Bjärgö’s noisier work as Sophia. After a “collected works” box set, we have the first new Sophia material in over ten years in the form of new LP Unclean. Expect a full review here shortly, but for now enjoy a morsel of some of its brooding ambient industrial.

nTTx, “Bastion”
Some classic EBM bounce coming out of Toronto by way of WTII. We gave an ear to Gord Clement’s previous act, Atomzero a couple of years back, and while his vocals still have a sense of millennial futurepop drama to them, the tunes here are much more stripped down. RIYL Spetsnaz, Cryo, Restricted Area, as this jaunty bit nicely demonstrates.

HEALTH, “Courtship II (Aesthetic Perfection)”

You may remember the dope Mr.Kitty remix for noise-rock-cum-electropop act HEALTH a month or so back. Looks like ol’ Daniel Graves is getting in on that action as well, with a surprisingly fitting remix that pairs his buzzing synth style with the melody hidden in the original’s waves of distortion. Nice when artistic streams cross like this, especially when you feel like maybe the streams aren’t so separate in the first place.

Volt 9000, “Inhumanoids”
Finally, here’s those kooky kidz in Volt 9000 serving up the theme from utterly terrifying 80s cartoon Inhumanoids. Yes, it’s only half a minute, but there’s precedent for us showcasing bands doing goofy-ass TV themes. Anyway, get ready to relive traumatic childhood memories of D’Compose thanks to Cory and Andrew (or if you’re scratching your head right now, get acquainted with just about the craziest shit to air in the 80s this side of Manimal.)