Hola amigos! Confession time: due to a road trip down to Seattle to see Leather Strip on Monday, we’re actually writing all this way ahead of time, so we actually have no idea what happened at WrestleMania, unlike those of you reading it in the far-flung science fiction future (aka Tuesday). Did Roman Reigns finally turn heel, embracing the boos that have dogged his run as a supposed top babyface? Did French Canadian murder-bear Kevin Owens defeat six contenders (including his best freind/arch-nemesis the lovable underdog Sami Zayn) to retain his Intercontinental Title in a vicious ladder match? Did the best pro-wrestler in the world Sasha Banks defeat Charlotte and Becky Lynch to obtain a hopefully newly rechristened Women’s Championship? And did an-old ass man triumph over a slightly less old non-wrestler in a match for the fate of the WWE? We don’t know yet as of this writing, but who cares, because SHINSUKE FUCKIN’ NAKAMURA made his debut for the company on Friday and all other wrestling is now irrelevant to us. Join us in a toast to the King of Strong Style, and maybe enjoy some of the new Tracks you came here to read about.


Hide, “Flesh for the Living”
Nice new one from Chicago’s Hide and well-timed given the recent announcement they would be joining the stacked Cold Waves V ticket this September. The duo have a relatively small discography at present, but their new 12″ “Flesh for the Living” showcases the dark electro with touched of body music and darkwave sound they’ve been steadily cultivating since for a few years. Check their other tracks on Bandcamp, and keep an ear open: certainly feels like 2016 is gonna be the year these cats arrive f’real.

Kangarot, “Villa Belvoir”
Josh Reed’s brand of psychedelic electro-industrial is always welcome around these parts. Over the past couple Kangarot full-lengths we’ve seen him fuse classic programming with intriguing kosmische soundscapes, all the while keeping his sound and production gritty and raw. Third LP Wholly Hex is out now; stay tuned for a full review.

Bombadier, “Vice”
More pure napalm from Jason Snell, AKA Bombadier, this time off a split 12″ with WMX. Plenty of producers who’ve been riding the EBM/techno border of late stick to strict, regulated rhythms, but not so with Bombadier. Concrete breaks are lobbed in from all directions, creating a fantastically destructive maelstrom.

D/SIR, “Beornan and Falling (Adrian Benavides Mix)”
Did you peep D/SIR’s debut album Wilde’s Crown when we wrote about a few months back? If not you should totally do so, the project is one of the most interesting to emerge from the wreckage of witch house, or whatever we were calling it in 2010. Thankfully we got this nice remix package as a reminder from them, including some contributions from M‡яc▲ll▲, WIKAN and this one from Texas industrial prog rock oddball Adrian Benavides. Music weird and intense enough for the Yellow King hisself!

Blac Kolor, “Doomed (DSX Remix)”
We only caught up with the new full length from Blac Kolor about three weeks ago, and there’s already a jam-packed remix EP collecting various pre-release mixes with a whole swath of new reworkings. Check this monster from Dejan Samardzic; the rattles of the original are left to sputter in isolation, sounding not unlike a lawnmower failing to turn over before they whole thing ignites with one of those classic pinched basslines we’ve come to love on DSX jams.

Lights of Euphoria, “Hallo Hallo”
Jesus, there’s a new Lights of Euphoria album out! Traumatized dropped March 19th, and while we haven’t had the pleasure of checking out the latest from Torben Schmidt and company, we are enjoying the mellow road vibes from this single. Though the group has had plenty of stylistic changes over the 20 years since their debut LP, their production has always remained very of the moment, “Hallo Hallo” being a particularly good example of their studio expertise.