You guys, you guys, YOU GUYS. We’re less than a week away from Aftermath and we can scarcely believe it. To be honest, we’ve been focusing so closely on the nuts and bolts of helping to organize and promote the fest that we’ve occasionally lost sight of the reasons why we’re so excited about this party in Toronto next weekend: namely, the bands themselves. So, partially as an exercise in refreshing our palates, but more importantly, to give you, the Aftermath attendee, a big mix to toss on to get pumped while you pack your bags, we’ve prepared a wall-to-wall slammer featuring tracks by each and every one of the twenty four bands who’ll be hitting the stages at Velvet Underground and The Phoenix next weekend. Buy your tickets if you haven’t already, stream from the widget below, and get ready for the real deal in T-minus 154 hours. Hope to see you there: we’ll be the guys in black.



1. Caustic, “Bigger, Better, Faster, Now!!!”
2. God Module, “Black And Blue”
3. Volt 9000, “How To Start A War”
4. Encephalon – The Transhuman Condition (Singularity)
5. Surgyn, “Sharp As Stars”
6. Aesthetic Perfection, “The New Black”
7. Ayria, “Plastic Makes Perfect”
8. Panic Lift, “Footsteps”
9. For All The Emptiness, “Prayers”
10. Antigen Shift, “Legion”
11. Malhavoc, “Human Fly”
12. Promonium Jesters, “Noosphere Sentinels”
13. Displacer, “Warbound”
14. ESA, “Deceit (The Sharpening Of The Shears)”
15. iVardensphere, “The Doorway”
16. Wychdoktor, “Burial Grounds”
17. Die Sektor, “The Final Electro Solution”
18. Suicide Commando, “Evacuate”
19. FGFC820, “Revolt Resist”
20. Apriorism, “Claw My Way Out”
21. Mordacious, “Dementia”
22. The Gothsicles, “Nine Dudes Freaking Out”
23. De/Vision, “Binary Soldier”
24. Glass Apple Bonzai, “Right Some Day”