Slighter in his natural environment

For this month’s So Fragile mixtape we tapped Colin Cameron Allrich of Slighter to let us in some of the influences on his forthcoming ERODE!. Alongside acts like Comaduster and FIRES, Slighter is one of the new wave of artist/producers drawing from the most forward thinking wings of electronic music sound design and composition, utilizing them on trad instrumentation to create a sleek, modern version of industrial rock. Featuring a wide variety of sounds from a broad swathe of genres, some familiar and some totally unexpected and new, the mix has us very ready for the album drop on September 25th. You can preorder the deluxe edition now via Bandcamp, which features remixes from Dean Garcia (Curve / SPC ECO), Keith Hillebrandt (Nine Inch Nails), and more!

Burial, “Subtemple”
Digital Gnosis, “Fovea”
John Carpenter, “Night (Zola Jesus & Dean Hurley Remix)”
2 Bit Pie, “Slipaway”
Euanwhosarmy feat. Lynsey Lupe, “For Nothing”
Autolux, “Hamster Suite”
Slighter, “Mute Yourself (Muted Gospel Mix by Dean Garcia)”
Speedy J, “Actor Nine”
Ben Frost, “The Beat Don’t Die In Bingo Town”
Underfelt, “In Passing”
FEX, “I Want Your Heart”
Gonjasufi, “Your Maker (Daddy G Remix)”
Spring Heel Jack, “Bane”
ODDHUMS, “Big Brave”
We Fell To Earth, “Burn Away”
Archive, “End Of Our Days (Moon Gangs Remix)”
Hybrid feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw, “Blackout”