Hella moody pic of the ADR gang, courtesy of Batwings Productions.

A busy weekend, wherein I worked the first of Vancouver’s new alternative mega-party MadHaus, which featured two rooms, a listening party for the forthcoming album by Ohm (Chris Peterson and Craig Huxtable) and a show from ID:UD’s homeboy Comaduster. Big stuff happenin’, if you’re in Vancouver you aren’t gonna want to miss another of these. In fact, Bruce and I will be spinning as I Die: You Die next month bringing all sorts of selections from the blog to the dancefloor, so if you like anything you hear below and are in town, give us a holler and we’ll be sure to hook it up for you. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Divider, “Relentless at the Heart (feat. Martix Sax)”
You may not be super-familiar with the solo EBM project of Bryon Wilson, but dude has been around for yonks contributing compilation tracks and remixes in and around der scene. Word on the street (okay fine, on Facebook) is that the Haujobb boys’ Basic Unit Productions will be releasing the new EP Minimal Distraction on November 1st digitally, featuring this number made in collaboration with old school body devotee Martin from T.W.A.T. and EkoBrottsMyndigheten on vox. Anyone else hearing some “Machineries of Joy” on this?

Alter Der Ruine, “Gifthorse”
I was so happy to discover Alter Der Ruine weren’t broken up after all that I completely neglected to consider what their new material might sound like. We got a bit of a hint from them in our interview, but holy crumbs, who could have guessed they would have taken the melodic chops displayed on their last couple records and run them right into the endzone like this? Straight pretty electro from the Mikes, with feels bustin’ out all over the joint. Can’t wait for this record; rest assured we’ll be up onto it as soon as there’s something to report.

Body Party, “Theme”
Hey did you check out that Mild Peril stuff Bruce was all high on a few months ago? Go sample that right now. Now listen to the track embedded below. SAME GUY. I know right? Anyways, we were psyched to receive this pair of New Beat originals from Christopher Gilbert, apparently produced for London’s infamous Endurance party, where old and new EBM and new beat are the order of the day. Actually, a remix of Yaz’ “Situation” he did for said club has been a regular part of our DJ sets for a while now, so check that out while you’re at it. Move the body, love the body!

Mangadrive, “Scream”
Mangadrive busted out a totally unexpected collection of orphaned songs in the psy-trance influenced style of his last LP this week. If you’ve heard Bee’s record as Gheists this year you know dude is about more than just high-tempo arpped up video game lunacy, which isn’t to say there isn’t plenty of that here too. Listen to this cut, feel the builds, jam to the crazy synth freakouts and feel that 90s style use of breaks. Fiiiiiiiiii-yah!

Radical G & The Horrorist, “Here Comes the Storm”
Hey, a collab between Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist and Radical G (not to be confused with Rob Gee, Oliver’s sidekick from the classic “Mission Ecstasy”). No news on when this will be available purchase, but a quick dollop of research indicates that some heavy hitters including The Hacker have been prepping remixes of it: exciting news indeed. Maybe we’ll also get to hear a full version of Radical G’s mix of A Split Second’s “Flesh” sometime soon: that teaser has been up in my speakers for a while now. Peep the video for two artists with a love of techno and EBM but fairly different approaches to each sounds get together.