Oh my god my friends, you wouldn’t even believe how long it took me to write the tracks post this week. I mean, I don’t want to be one of those guys who humble-brags about partying by talking about how hungover he is, but yeah, that’s kind of where we’re at. Still, I gotta say I had some good times at the Vancouver Fetish Weekend, including DJing, dancing and generally carrying on such as one does. That said, the wages of sin are steep, and good lord do I have a lot to answer for. I’m gonna get a burrito and read comic books until I feel like a regular human being again, you can busy yourself with these songs while you wait.

Youth Code, “Carried Mask”
Okay, so we don’t want to be the “we told you so” blog, but uh, we kinda told you so. Youth Code are getting attention from mainstream media organs like Vice, Pitchfork, The Fader, Ad Hoc and basically the whole of Tumblr. The effect is palpable, when the band released this track from their soon to be released self-titled LP, the rush for pre-orders (which you should probably look into while supplies last) crashed the website. Think on that: a band who are unabashedly making electro-industrial and EBM are getting attention from well outside Our Thing, and people are responding to it and spending money on it. That’s incredibly important, regardless of whether or not you like them (and if you don’t, what the hell is wrong with you?). They’re fast becoming a phenomenon, don’t be left in the dust.

Aesthetic Perfection, “The Dark Half”
Okay, so the new AP stuff has been pretty divisive: people are either into the pop elements or they just hate them, as the comments on the video to “Antibody” and this number will testify. I gotta say I’m really curious to hear how they work in the context of a whole record, I suspect a hate it or love it reaction is what Daniel Graves is shooting for and that willingness to potentially alienate your existing fanbase so you can go in a new direction is kind of admirable. At any rate this single drops on August 27th, and will feature remixes from ∆AIMON, Bites, Blakopz and Suicide Commando, a none too shabby line-up if you ask us. More news as it develops!

Keluar, “Fusion (DSX remix”
I’ll admit to not having been familiar with Berlin-based minimal electronic duo Keluar until I heard this remix by DSX (aka Dejan from Haujobb), but I’m feeling their originals after a few cursory listens on Soundcloud. Lots of analogue atmosphere, strong vocals, and some wicked good modular texture. That’s not to take anything away from this remix of course: we love DSX’s clean, motorized sound, and it certainly pairs up with the existing elements of the song with effectively bleak results.

Displacer, “The Needs of the Many”
Michael Morton is on some can’t-stop-won’t-stop right now, releasing all manner of new music as Displacer, putting out records on his Crime League label and generally keeping on his grind. This new EPMasterless is all ambient material, with a heavy emphasis on bass and slowly evolving soundscapes. It’s another facet of an musician (and graphic designer, and video artist) we always make a point of checking in with, a practice we have found consistently rewarding.

[product], “Awaken the Alchemist”
Here’s a little something from Portland’s [product], a pre-release single from their upcoming release Shallow Graves. These guys are noted as a harsh EBM act, but I think you’ll find this new track is going in a different direction, slowing down the beats and amping up the drama via some clean string sounds and crackling rhythms. And hey, the pay-what-you-want download comes with mixes from M‡яc▲ll▲ and V▲lh▲ll, which is pretty much a guaranteed way to grab our attention. We’ll be looking for this LP when it drops in the Fall!