Morning, gang! The senior staff have had quite the crazy spate of Halloween-related DJing gigs in the past few days, pausing only to check out the booze and spittle fueled rampage of Cult Of Youth’s live show (check it out if it’s coming to yr town), but that don’t stop the ID:UD express. On a related personal note, with the baseball season now at an end (my theory: the vitae-sucking alien parasite which drained the Yankees’ offense switched hosts from Robinson Cano to Prince Fielder after the ALCS), I’m looking forward to having more time to ferret out new music to talk about right here…at least until the Mass Effect Trilogy box is released and productivity falls down a Shepard-shaped hole. Enough yakking: to today’s tracks!

In Death It Ends, “The Devil”
Porl King barely paused for a cup of tea after issuing IDIE’s first full-length release some short months ago. He’s released two EPs since then, and just put up a two-track, pay what you want single. Some cool pinched bass sounds on this one, and a nifty minimal horror video to go along with it!

DSX, “Demoniac (feat. Emily Steigerwald)”
Dejan Samardzic of Haujobb has been slowly revealing tracks and demos from his new DSX solo project for nearly a year, revealing a finely-tuned but anxious and unsettling revisiting of some classic EBM sounds. DSX’s proper debut EP release is now available for pre-order, and includes four tracks like this cut, which should appeal to those who’ve been digging recent work from //TENSE//, Tearist, Nightmare Fortress, and the like. Also check the video if yr so inclined.

Legend, “Virgin”
I talked a couple of weeks ago about Legend, the Icelandic band whose hi-def debut Fearless will be landing shortly on North American shores thanks to Artoffact. Here’s one of the bonus tracks that’ll be appended to that release. We’re both getting very fidgety and excited about Legend here: their sound hints at Depeche Mode, Black Strobe, and Project Pitchfork all at once, and should be able to give club floors some expansive, echoing sturm und drang.

Monozoid, “In Shades”
Some cool, feisty German post-punk which should appeal to fans of vintage acts like Blackouts as well as new cold youth like Lebanon Hanover. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for Monozoid’s sophomore LP which drops in a few weeks.

The Soft Moon, “Insides”
Speaking of In Death It Ends, that project’s sonic brethren The Soft Moon are set to release their second LP Zeros on November 5th, though you can stream it at the Quietus right now. We loved The Soft Moon’s self-titled debut for its droning bass, buzzing claustrophobia and just all-round dark atmospherics, and it looks like we’re in for a second helping of the same. Can’t wait.