Well, we’re now just a scant couple of weeks away from Kinetik, that holiest of pilgrimages for those of us in North America with a taste for noise and beats, or Industrial Summer Camp as we’ve come to know and love it. We’re packing bags, prepping for our DJ sets and steeling our livers for a non-stop torrent of delicious brews from Dieu Du Ciel, but we’re also still keeping an ear to the ground for non-Kinetik related tunes, giving you, the loyal ID:UD reader, everything you need to keep your finger on the pulse of the dark music scene…or at least kill twenty minutes while waiting for your friends to send you their next Draw Something move (consider this an official nudge, Simon).

By Any Means Necessary, “Frozen Figure [Clawing Exile Mix]”
We’ve been feeling By Any Means Necessary’s vintage electro-industrial steez for a while and have been waiting to hear what’s next from the North Carolina project. While extrapolating what the new EP might sound like from one track would be foolish, there’s a more punchy and direct attack on this brand spankin’ new tune. Also, if you’re just joining the BAMN party, a video for “Waste” (which has been in non-stop club rotation with us for a few months now) was just released.

Velvet Acid Christ, “Even Now”
I was all kinds of skeptical when I heard about this. I’ve never had that nostalgic love for VAC which so many folks my age hold, and when I heard that Bryan Erickson was tackling one of Edward Ka-Spel’s oldest and most loved songs I couldn’t help but grit my teeth, but this is very reverential, tasteful, and enjoyable. Kudos, from one vegan rivethead to another.

Press Gang Metropol, “The Escape”
Check the new video from Press Gang Metropol, which, as you may recall, is the new project from former members of French goth standouts Corpus Delicti. Some nice, stirring, emotional post-punk here, as on previous cut “Answers“. Debut LP Checkpoint drops in a week.

Rummelsnuff, “Der Schrauber”
What’s that? A new Rummelsnuff video? I’m sold without even watching it. Videos have always been a huge part of the oddball German act’s appeal, and while I’m sure further research into lyrics and what “the deal really is” could shed some light on the project’s “true” nature, Rummelsnuff is the rare case in which I’d rather remain blissfully ignorant. I’m just glad things like this and this exist.