Hey gang, happy Monday new music day! Things are getting a little hectic around the HQ these days. What with Bruce prepping for some fancy academic Science Fiction conference, the planning of intern Tobey’s birthday party and my checking Violent Playground for updates every 45 seconds we’re totally swamped. I still had time to source some new and newish songs for us to share with you, so please enjoy! No need to thank me, my reward is the tray of nanaimo bars in the fridge.

Photo courtesy of RH Gould

The saga Continues.

Veil Veil Vanish, “Modern Lust (Continues remix)”
With the announcement of a release date for the debut LP, the anticipation surrounding the release of Dan Gatto’s Continues project is getting pretty heavy around the ID:UD HQ. This sweet synthpop remix of San Francisco post-punk quartet Veil Veil Vanish’s “Modern Lust” is holding us down right now, but May 1st can’t come fast enough. As an aside, when this was posted on Continues’ Facebook page (which you should go “like” by the way) Dan made a reference to Veil Veil Vanish breaking up, and that accounting for the remix being unreleased ’til now. Anyone have any info on that? My cursory search hasn’t yielded any official announcements or anything. Edit: Per Mr. Gatto, false alarm on the VVV break-up, and they’re apparently working on new material!

Javelynn, “Wannabe (Ashbury Heights Wonderland Funhouse remix)”
Well this is unexpected. Allow me to recap: Ashbury Heights used to be Anders Hagström and Yasmine Uhlin. Yaz left the band in 2008 and founded Javelynn, Anders put out another AS album with new vocalist Kari Berg (2010’s Take Cair Paramour, an ID:UD staff fave), and then had a well-publicized blowout with his label that ended with him breaking up the group. So, this remix is both a) kind of reuniting the original Ashbury Heights line-up, and b) the first music touched by AS since Anders maybe reactivated the project. So yeah, it’s a cute little electro-flavoured club mix, and hell, it’s nice to hear Anders and Yaz singing on the same track again. You can download this one for free from Javelynn’s Amazing Tunes page.

Memmaker vs. Detroit Diesel, “Race to Space”
Two canuck groups (okay, so apparently Memmaker are now headquartered out of Copehagen, but they’re still a Montreal band to us) team up for a hot science fiction themed exclusive on the Resistanz 2012 compilation out now on Deathwatch Asia! Speaking of Detroit Diesel, the French Canadian harsh EBM duo have been gradually adding tracks from their forthcoming album Coup D’etat (out March 30th on DWA) to their Bandcamp page. To my ears the new songs seem much more slickly produced than anything I’ve heard from them up ’til this point, I’m definitely interested in what the album will sound like.

Suicide Inside, “Homicide”
Okay, this is a bit of a cheat, as this particular song from the new record by Suicide Inside (a side-project of Ambassador 21’s Alexey and Natasha) has been available to listen to on Soundcloud for like, a year. But whatever, I didn’t hear it ’til last week and I’m totally feeling it. It’s got so much to love, a crazy early 90s dark electro vibe, Natasha yelling in what I assume is Belarussian, and a downright funky breakdown at the three minute mark. I’ve had this shit on repeat, you feel me? The aforementioned album Homicide actually has one of the best line-ups of remixers on the bonus disc I’ve seen for an Alfa Matrix release in ages: Kant Kino, Needle Sharing, Caustic, Iszoloscope and a ton more. Call me Wormtongue, because I’m waiting with “baited” breath. (I think that joke works better when spoken aloud but chances are I won’t ever get the chance to torture you with grammar puns in person, so there you go.)