Hey gang. I was hoping that my first post back after my sojourn across the Atlantic would be something fittingly European and well formulated, like an informed review of the excellent new record from Belgian industrial percussion stalwarts Militia (forthcoming!), or a run-down of the crazy-awesome festivals I was lucky to catch while I was in Germany (also forthcoming once photos are sorted!), but jet-lag and a jet-cold have conspired against me. In short, I can barely prepare soup, let alone think critically about new music, so allow me to phone it in by directing your attention to a couple of videos.

Normally fanvids make me want to wretch, and to my mind that’s with good cause; I’ve come across ones for Kirlian Camera which have used Twilight and Sailor Moon as source material. However, these ones for tracks from the new(ish) album Diaspora from Tyske Ludder (who I was lucky enough to see again at one of the aforementioned festivals) are a cut above. Moreover, Diaspora‘s a kick-ass record which came out just a little bit before we opened shop here at ID:UD, and rectifying its previous absence on this site with these vids is as much of a mitzvah as I can muster at the moment.


“For Their Glory”, ft. Deviant UK