That Giallo Wave A E S T H E T I C

David Christian’s name might still be most closely tied to his work as Cervello Elettronico, but between his Squarewav label (which he briefly spoke to us about) and his Crimes AM side-project (whose debut we enjoyed a couple of years back), he’s certainly been showcasing the breadth of his interests and talents of late. The second Crimes AM LP, Death and Adoration, will be released tomorrow, and David’s whipped up a mixtape for us as a complement to the moody synthwork of that record. In David’s words, “Death and Adoration was created as a soundtrack to a funeral for a recent relationship. Most of these songs in the mix inspired the recording and live performances directly or indirectly.”


Sand Circles, “Endless Nights”
Slowdive, “Sugar For The Pill (Simon Scott Eurorack remix)”
Valis, “Flight Response”
Hante, “Living in a French Movie”
Depeche Mode, “Here Is The House”
Skeleton Hands, “Unwanted”
Drab Majesty, “Too Soon To Tell”
Nouvele Phenomene, “Caresse”
Neon Indian, “Era Extrana”
CUTS, “Bunsen Burner(Ex Machina Soundtrack)”
Tangerine Dream, “Running Out of Time (Miracle Mile Soundtrack)”
The Sound, “New Dark Age”