Check out this cute remix from Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupp’s recent tour EP Join in the Rhythm of Machines. As remix/covers EPs go it’s a bit of a trifle, (the Krupps version of NE’s Industrial Complex bonus track “On the Road” has a nice grind), but Doug McCarthy’s vocal take on DK’s “To the Hilt” lends the old chestnut some flavor.

Nitzer Ebb/Die Krupps – To The Hilt

Some of y’all may also recall Nitzer Ebb and Die Krupp’s 1989 single The Machineries of Joy (a version of DK’s 1981 single “Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohn”). If you don’t, please enjoy some definitive EBM styles, not to mention one of the most ridiculously rivet videos ever filmed, f’really real.

Die Krupps Feat Nitzer Ebb – The Machineries Of Joy