The 450th episode of the official I Die: You Die podcast We Have a Technical is coming out this week, and while it’s actually not the 450th podcast we’ve recorded (there are many things not included in the official numbering like We Have A Commentary and other special series), we are making a big deal out of it. How big a deal? Well, we’ve got an interview with someone who is a genuine bucket list subject for us, a person whose work is all through both of our record collections, not to mention yours, and who has a lot of interesting things to say about their soon to be released record. Who is it? Guess you’ll have to come back on Thursday to find out! Don’t fret, we’ve still got lots of stuff to keep you occupied until then, like this Tracks post for example.

Bara Hari

Bara Hari

Body of Light, “Never Ever”
Arizona’s great synth hope Body of Light are back, and perhaps not entirely unexpectedly given the arc of their discography thus far, the brothers Jarson are dipping into the dreamy end of things on new single “Never Ever” from their upcoming album Bitter Reflection. A couple of quick notes on the incredibly smooth single – this might be the best Body of Light have ever sounded vocally, and the midnight vibes saxophone cements their saxgoth credentials. Put this one on your late night drive playlist for maximum effect. Welcome back fellas, it’s great to see you.

Bara Hari, “House of the Devil”
Los Angeles based artist Bara Hari has been feeding us a slowdrip of darkwave pop for a few years now, with each taste slowly filling out her baroque musical aesthetic. New single “House of the Devil” is the best example of that vision yet, with extensive use of strings and rock-flavoured percussion deployed in tasteful fashion. Bara Hari is as always a notable presence on vocals, infusing the song with the poised emotion she’s been developing since we firts heard her. Still one to keep your eye on in 2023 we’re happy to report.

Restive Plaggona, “Enemy”
We’ve been fans of Dimitris Doukas’ work as Restive Plaggona (not to mention that excellent Matriarchy Roots EP from a while back) for its ability to find lesser-explored links between industrial textures and techno beats which have a rhythmic variety beyond most of what can be found in that crossover. But the new Ennemi record takes things in an entirely different direction, aiming at broad and deep soundscapes which have concerns far more astral and cinematic than club-minded.

Years of Denial, “Dance With Demons”
Years of Denial have tried on a lot of different hats in their catalogue; the French duo have dipped their toes in post-punk and darkwave, techno-body sounds and various points between since they first emerged in the late 2010s. New single “Dance With Demons” from the forthcoming Suicide Disco Vol. 2 splits the difference somewhat – the instrumental track goes deep on electro-darkwave stomp and analogue crunch, while the vocal has a disaffected, coldwave delivery. Absolutely one to put on your Bandcamp wishlist now so you can be ready to snap it up when the LP is available March 31st.

Kurs, “Archivist (single mix)”
Italy’s Kurs quickly won us over with the thoughtful and brooding blend of electro-industrial and dark electro shown on their 2021 debut, and we’re keen to check out a second suite of high-concept cyberpunk nightmares when sophomore record Dreamer is released. The lurking dread and bounce of this first single reminds us that we don’t hear nearly as much quality work in this style as we might hope these days, and rarely anything so evocative and subtle.

Ruby Lustre, “Hex Box”
Portland’s Ruby Lustre are working within the current dancefloor focused milieu on their new Hex Box EP. But the title track sets itself apart by adding some overdriven, 90s goth styled guitar which adds a whole other level of haze and atmosphere to their sound. Hat tip to friend of the site Dani Ashes for pointing us to this one.