And so we enter June 2021, and the countdown to I Die: You Die’s 10th anniversary commences. We don’t have huge plans for the birthday beyond some fun merch designs (more on that later) and another volume of our ongoing Slack-based Telekompilation series. We do expect however that we’ll have a lot of reminiscing to do about how we spent the last decade, how things have changed for the website and more broadly for Our Thing in general. We promised not to be too self-involved, but consider this fair warning that the topic of the 10th anniversary will be at hand over the next couple of weeks.

New Haunts

New Haunts

Hapax, “Exile”
Exile is the new EP by Italy’s oft-overlooked (by us as much as anyone!) Hapax, and the title track gives a clear indicator of the style they’ve been plying to solid effect over the past few years. Tight and solid goth rock with the sort of sturdy post-punk foundation which allows their more ornate and atmospheric impulses to be indulged without fear of losing the plot. Expect a full review in these pages soon enough.

Hallowed Hearts, “Supernova”
You may recall the debut LP from Alex Virlios (ex-Provision) and Andrew Sega (Iris) from last year; a fine mix of modern production and post-punk songwriting. New EP Ruins is certainly a continuation of that identity, although we’re sensing a much stronger darkwave and (dare we say it) goth rock flavour in these songs. Check out lead-off track “Supernova” to see what we’re talking about, it’s a peppy club ready number with a smooth hook and a fine guitar hook.

Liebknecht, “Barcelona”
Virtual globetrotting via Daniel Myer’s work as Liebknecht is likely as close to the famed European cities which have lent their names to track titles as most of us in North America are likely to get. While we’re still waiting to get back out and see the rest of the world, Myer and collaborator Rinaldo Bite have another Liebknecht EP on deck, with immediate but somewhat wistful nodders like this one to tide us over.

New Haunts, “Blame”
Some darkwave of a bleepy and shuddering style comes to us from Brixton in the form of the new LP from one-woman act New Haunts. Serious heads might recognize the vocals from a guest turn on last year’s fantastic “All You Need Is Money” banger by Kindest Cuts, but the insomniac monomania of this tune (and much of the rest of Still Dark Sky from a first pass) is of a much colder cast.

Dirge, “Bodyforce”
We admit that we’ve gotten somewhat bored with the instrumental EBM coming out these days. While there’s a few projects in the style we’ll still always check out, it’s getting harder and harder to tell the tracks apart, unless the producer or producers bring something a bit different to the table. Such is the case with Australian act Dirge, whose debut single “Bodyforce/Area” has classic flavour, interesting arrangement choices and a rough-edged feel that speaks to classic muscle n’ hate without slavishly replicating it. One to keep an eye on.

!Bang Elektronika, “Aktivierung! (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)”
Industrial fans may recall !Bang Elektronika, an early 90’s Canadian project with German vocals that had an EBM club classic in the form of “”Aktivierung!”, a tasty slice of compu-funk. Some 30 years after that track’s original release meccanica are reissuing the single with some hot new remixes. And who better to remix it than those Sheffield lads Randolph & Mortimer, an act who understand the power of robotic grooves. The single also features a new mix by The Horrorist, as well as the original and b-side “Ich Bin So Ätzend!”, and is out June 15th.