Would you believe that this past weekend the Senior Staff held their first bit of in-person (albeit outdoors and socially distanced) ID:UD business since lockdown started? We hope we’ve managed the rhythm of remote recording as well as could be hoped over this past year, but it felt wonderful to be able to do some work IRL, especially while interviewing a still emerging artist we’re very passionate about. To whom are we referring? You’ll have to wait until this Thursday’s podcast to find out, but don’t despair: here’s a fresh batch of tracks to tide you over ’til then.

Nox Novacula

Nox Novacula all tuckered out after celebrating World Goth Day.

Diesein, “Find Your Love”
Absolute stormer from Laslo Antal of Sixth June’s Diesein project. We’re getting some of the same saxgoth sounds of the 2018 LP Songs About Sally, although we have to say that the classic DM vibes on “Find Your Love” are also pretty big; check those vocal melodies and the metallic plucked lead to heard what we’re talking about. Outstanding track, and definitely one to earmark for club play. We suspect more than a few dancers will be running up to the booth to get the track ID after hearing it for the first time.

On a related tip, after an impressive debut which murkily merged deathrock and synthpunk, we were already interested in hearing where Costa Rica’s TVMVLVS TABIDVS would go next. With new track “VENUS” revealing the answer to be “saxgoth”, the forthcoming VITA VIA EST immediately shot up our list of most anticipated records. A great track which doesn’t abandon the lo-fi immediacy of the band’s sound but adds some crepuscular filigree and colour in the corners.

Nox Novacula, “Last Will and Testament”
Seattle deathrockers Nox Novacula knock new track “Last Will and Testament” out of the park, one of the first tastes of forthcoming LP on Manic Depression Records Ascension. While you can def hear a lot of the uber-goff sound of their previous releases here (check out The Beginning for a taster), we’re hearing some darkwave touches in the synth bassline and a bit of the crossover rock sound being plied by acts like Rosegarden Funeral Party. Big anthem power in the vocals for certain, we’ll be keen to hear how this plays out over the whole LP.

Viva Non, “Go On”
The most recent record from Winnipeg’s Viva Non brought lo-fi, emotive charm to a smeary synthpop sound. The first preview of the forthcoming We Grow looks to be building upon that with a slightly cleaner and brighter style, but with the same openness and light hand which first endeared us to the act.

Second Skin, “Eyes Close”
Second Skin make music that sounds like it hails direct from the new wave touched soundtracks of early-eighties genre films. And we’re not talking the fake neon eighties plied by synthwave acts, but the sort of rock adjacent music that was obviously informed by the emerging new romantic and synthpop scenes. With Matia from Inhalt behind the boards, the LA-based duo are something of a unique quantity, as we can thing of few acts this adept at capturing the very specific aesthetic they trade in. Doesn’t hurt that the song is catchy as all get out either.

Alex Reed, “My Death/La Mort”
Alex Reed is alive and well(ish) and living in Ithaca. Culled from a recent Patreon stream, Reed’s just released a live set of piano interpretations of Bond themes, showtunes, and even Arthur Brown. This immortal Brel classic is right in Reed’s wheelhouse, of course, and reminds us that in addition to being one of Our Thing’s best songwriters, he’s also an even rarer quantity in these parts: a legit stylist.