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Deadly Injection

Deadly Injection: Classic German Grufti.

Cryo, “Sanitarium”
SwEBM act Cryo have always had an ear for sleek modern styles, but this latest track “Sanitarium” has some pleasing old school flourishes. Check those brassy synth horns, that low-key vocal delivery and the bubbling arpeggio that underlies the whole track. They’re all interesting touches from a construction standpoint but are more nods to classic genre tracks than an attempt to do neo-oldschool. Available now via Bandcamp, the single features remixes from a variety of names including Neuroticfish, SPARK!, Rotersand and more.

Caustic, “Industrial Still Owes Hypnoskull $38.50”
Straight off Caustic’s latest surprise release Hustle and Mate comes “Industrial Still Owes Hypnoskull $38.50”. Serving as tribute to the titular rhythmic noise act and also speaks to some of the instrumental styles Matt Fanale has been experimenting with in many of his recent releases. As a matter of fact, the pay-what-you-want release has a lot of stylistic variety on it, including covers of songs by Suicide and Nailbomb, some classic Wax Trax industrial stylings and even a run at a brit-pop styled track, all raw and DIY. Never standing still this guy.

Paralyze, “Initial Isolation”
Speaking of Matt, when checking out Wisconsin’s latest harsh electronics project Paralyze, guess who we saw grooving along in some live footage? And it makes sense that Paralyze would pass muster with Matt, as the Dissociative Prosthetic EP which dropped a couple of weeks back is stuffed to the brim with a misanthropic but ultimately groovy blend of electro-industrial and power electronics which has us thinking of Protectorate and Harsh R. We’re keen to dig into the full release, but for now peep the Ellison-checking opening track.

Nothing But Noise, “Curved Attraction”
Since inaugurating their new project back in 2012, 242 elder gods Daniel B and Dirk Bergen have been weaving deep space psychoactive soundscapes at a rate we can barely keep up with. Nothing But Noise are closing the year out with their second record of the year, the double-length Formations Magnétiques et Phénomènes D’incertitude, which offers up over 90 minutes of heavy-duty kosmische experimentation. Notes on the BC page contain cryptic descriptions of the duo’s methodology this time out, which may or may not offer illumination regarding the origins of head-trips like this.

C/A/T, “Graver Consequences”
Since reactivating C/A/T as a project, Ben Arp has been playing it pretty cool in terms of releases, putting out a few different releases that explore where he sees the project now, post the 2014-2017 hiatus. New release Graver Consequences is definitely on the grittier end of that spectrum, invoking the project’s classic rhythmic noise style in form and texture. With new tracks in the works from his Corvx de Timor project (did you peep the track he had on the Telekompilation?) it certainly seems like Arp is intent on making up for lost time.

Deadly Injection, “Blind Eyes”
Do you love vintage Zoth Ommog jams? If you’re reading this, we all know the answer. But no one’s going to question German duo Deadly Injection’s devotion to 90s dark electro. Despite having formed some five years ago, they’ve only just released their first LP, Taste Me!, this month, and we’re only now checking out their stripped down retro sound which is nothing if not a loving homage to the likes of Leaether Strip, Psychopomps, and :wumpscut:.