Photo courtesy of Chris Schanz

The latest entry in our So Fragile mixtape series is brought to you courtesy of our friend Michael Kurt, the man behind Portland based acts The Blood of Others and [product] (not to mention hosting our sister podcast Talking to Ghosts). Those who checked out last years debut from TBoO I Used to Think Everything Was Beautiful shouldn’t be too surprised at the eclectic and atmospheric choices Michael made here, but with that said we were still incredibly taken with the artful way he curated sounds from across the industrial, post-witch house and broader dark electronic musical sphere. Long on atmosphere and texture, this is just the thing for your next late night walk through darkened streets or moonlit forest ritual.

The Blood of Others will be playing Calgary’s Terminus Festival in July, and Portland’s P.I.G. Festival in August.

1. CLOVVDER – “Gods”
2. Rïcïnn – “Orchid”
3. Von Magnet – “Growing vs. Fading”
4. VVITCH – “Homecoming”
5. SØLVE – “and the wheel turns – early draft”
7. Distorted Memory – “Fifth Movement – Temple of the Black Star (Deathaus Mix)”
8. Радость Моя – “Ведьма”
9. FLESH – “Die ersten 20 Minuten des Endes”
10. Hante. – “Bienvenue en Enfer”
11. M‡яc▲ll▲ – “Fǿrєvєr Λparŧ”
12. Wreck & Reference – “Powders”
13. Siavash Amini and Matt Finney – “Whole Summer”