Not sure about you, but my weekend was split between chortling Nero-style at the immolation of the Fyre Festival and grumbling jealously at the photos and reports from friends (and fellow Senior Staffers) who were able to enjoy Cubanate’s UK homecoming gig. Fest envy/relief is real. One way or the other, Terminus’ll be upon us soon and I’ll finally have a chance to see firsthand if all the hootenanny about Marc Heal and Phil Barry’s return to the live stage is warranted. ‘Til then, the Tracks engine keeps on turning!



Joel Eel, “Fever”
Here’s an ID:UD exclusive courtesy of the folks over at Berlin’s X-IMG label, who are set to drop a follow-up to their Self-Aware tape comp from a year back. This second edition‘ll have some exclusives from Kontravoid, SΛRIN, and Black Egg, not to mention this blast of acid EBM from Toronto’s Joel Eel. The Korean revenge flick visuals fit in pretty well, if’n you ask me.

Anima Nostra, “Blameless”
Henrik Björkk has to be one of the trickiest folks in Our Thing to track. I’d be typing all night if I tried to track all of his projects above and beyond Nordvargr and Pouppée Fabrikk, and it looks as though one of his most recent endeavors, Anima Nostra, slipped past us when its debut was released last year. We’ve caught up the second time ’round, though, and the sophomore release by Björkk and collaborator Margaux Renaudin, Atraments, will be out on Malignant on June 16. This taster sounds monstrously promising, connecting the dots between doom metal and death industrial and reminding me a bit of my beloved Menace Ruine.

Hante., “F.O.X.”
Hélène de Thoury has been churning out Hante. releases at such a clip that it won’t be long before her solo project’s legacy eclipses that of her previous band, Minuit Machine. Judging from the warm reception her last couple of releases have received, plenty of folks are looking forward to the direction her darkwave muse will guide her on forthcoming LP Between Hope & Danger. Also, I’m choosing to interpret this dreamy number as a torch song dedicated to Special Agent Mulder and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

Dronny Darko, “Abduction”
Maybe I just spent too much time hanging out on ice planets in Mass Effect: Andromeda this past weekend, but the title track from the ever-oddly monikered Dronny Darko’s new LP instantly connoted a slow decanting in a chilly subterranean stasis pod. No surprise that Abduction‘s coming out on Cry Chamber, natch. The line between dark ambient and pure sound effects and design gets very murky here indeed.