Happy Hallowe’en friends! We hope you had a fun weekend, filled with exactly the amount of candy and costumed shenanigans you were hoping to partake in. The temptation for crusty old folks like the Senior Staff to hole up in our homes with a selection of seasonal beverages and spooked up movies can often times be hard to resist, but there’s still enough dorky goth kid DNA in us to get a contact high off everyone else’s excitement for All Hallows. Shouts out to the folks who are getting dressed up (or are helping some little ones get dressed up), the people handing out treats and anyone enjoying the Holiday in the manner they choose. Y’all are all our people.

Chris Paladin

Chris Paladin. Ah, the old "pink-eye or demonic possession" dilemma.

Rejecter, “The Outs”
Vlad, the robot from Achewood, is still the make-out king in our hearts, but LA’s Rejecter is making a strong case with this new video. Rejecter is still just getting off the ground as a project, but the power-noise inflected swoops and clatter of this cut are in keeping with the handful of noisy tracks which have been unveiled thus far.

Rejecter – The Outs from Adam Hamer on Vimeo.

FORCES, “Idolize (Fleisch edit)”
A new edit of an older FORCES track, but hey we’ll take anything from the Australian body music act. Things have been real quiet ever since that self-titled EP made fans of us here at the HQ, but with Alex Akers recording and touring with Zanias we’re hoping some new music will be forthcoming. Dig that techno-body beat.

Molasar, “Twilight”
A self-described “Halloween cash-in” from Chris Paladin’s chimes and fog heavy Molasar project, which should be a nice little last-minute option for any DJs or hosts looking to add some freshness to tonight’s proceedings, to be sure. Also, Chris has just collated all of the Molasar material released to date for those only now getting hip to Chris’ excellent side-project.

SΛRIN, “Dimension”
On a more somber note, Russia’s NEN Records is releasing a tribute to Paul Von Aphid, better known as Zex Model, who passed away tragically last month. Originally slated to be a compilation featuring Paul’s work, the label has dedicated its release to his memory, and as a tribute to his passion for harsh, psychedelic industrial music from across the globe. Check this track from his aufnahme + wiedergabe labelmate SΛRIN, and grab the comp from Bandcamp. We listen, we remember.

Hello Moth, “Some Shadows”
We shouted out a new Hello Moth track a month back, but didn’t realise that it presaged a full, sophomore release from the wholly idiosyncratic Albertan project. More vocal acrobatics flitting around a loping, almost ‘cozy’ pop core. And hey, looks like all pre-sales are being donated to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter!

Out Out, “By Wick or Wing”
With the release of new album Swan/Dive? just over the horizon (this Friday to be precise) we’re featuring an exclusive stream of this deep cut. We were drawn to the distinctly old school industrial rock vibe that speaks to Mark Alan Miller’s history with the genre, although there’s some distinctly exotic touches that set the production apart from straight throwback territory. Peep the site for a review of the whole LP next week, along with some more goodies from the Artoffact roster.