Hey, pals. By now you might have seen a few folks rocking photos of our DEATH TO FALSE EBM shirts, our first official ID:UD merch items. We happened to end up with a few extra XL guys shirts, so we’re gonna do a giveaway here, and one on the podcast for the listener. Rules of the contest are easy: post a link to one of your favourite I Die: You Die articles on FB or Twitter between now and July 1st, making sure to tag us in the post. We’ll go through all of ’em and pick a winner at random, and bam, free t-shirt to show your allegiance to TRU EBM! Contest is open as of RIGHT NOW. Listen to some new Tracks while you peruse the archives why don’t you?

DJ Manos models our shirt

Keluar, “Panguna (The Hacker remix)”
Sid Lamar and Zoe Zanias just dropped a murderous EP for Zone Records, the label run by Gesaffelstein and The Hacker. As you might expect from those dudes, these new tracks show a bit of EBM influence (not a totally unfamiliar sound for Keluar) but none moreso than this remix courtesy of The Hacker himself, bringing that banging techno-body sound to the already pretty stark sounding original. Definitely feeling this.

Kirlian Camera, “The Fountain of Clouds pt. II”
Our beloved KC have been putting out a metric tonne of re-releases in 2015, capping it all off with a brand new hits compilation entitled Radio Music A. The track listing for the release (which can be ordered direct from Norton North) leans pretty heavy on post-2000 Kirlian tracks (we give it up for “Odyssey Europa” and “Dead Zone in the Sky”) but there is one new treat, this unreleased gem which does the whole stately darkwave thing we expect from Angelo and company to the proverbial T.

Neon Shudder, “Behold A Pale Horse”
Philly outrun composer Neon Shudden has caught our ear every now and again, but perhaps never as much so as with this kick-heavy tune which brings us back to our cherry and coffee flavoured Jolt undergrad days. Snappy and catchy, this tune points to an odd hybrid of dark electro and outrun we’d never thought of before.

Ashbury Heights, “Phantasmagoria”
Friends, we can’t stress our love for Ashbury Heights enough, and our excitement for their still forthcoming new album gets a little greater each day. The two tracks we’ve heard so far seem to suggest a return to the sound Anders was running with around Three Cheers for the Newlydeads, all modern dance production tied into gothix synthpop stylings. We’ve tapped the duo for an interview which is basically the sort of thing we started I Die: You Die for, so keep an eye peeled out for that sometime this year.

Boy Harsher, “Modulations”
Some stripped down EBM-ish sounds from Massachusetts’ (we think?) Boy Harsher. Bouncy yet, well, harsh, this is an eager enough sampler from the duo’s first EP on Soft Science Records. Who’s to say where this new branch of USian folk chasing down the more obscure branches of EBM might lead, but it’s plenty interesting right now.

The Vomit Arsonist, “GW(RDX)”
Finally, some pure, grinding pain from Rhode Island’s celebrated Vomit Arsonist. Leaving the artist in question aside, Maryland’s long-running Malignant Records should have hopefully attracted your attention if your proclivities are directed towards the noisier end of the spectrum by now. Regardless of such wars over fiefdoms, the boundary between noise and industrial is rife with possibility, as this taster demonstrates.