Morning, y’all. You might’ve thought that between hitting up Terminus last weekend and a couple of shows by legends like Nick Cave and Kraftwerk you’d have found us snoozing on our home turf but YOU WOULD BE WRONG. Saturday night had us catching up with LA spitfires High-Functioning Flesh at a jam-packed studio show, and just last night we checked out Vancouver’s own //zoo, who brought a slew of vampy Kas Product-by-way-of-Siouxsie jams to Main Street. The lesson, as usual? You won’t catch us asleep at the switch, so don’t let us catch you. There are loads of exciting shows happening in your back-yard, Vancouver: wake up and smell the coffee.

Henrikk Bjorkk chops 50 cords of wood then makes classic EBM. What are you doing with your day?

Seeming, “Precious Things”
Man, we could talk for a donkey’s age about all of the personal associations each of us have with “Precious Things”, let alone Tori Amos’ entire oeuvre, but you probably don’t have time for that. Suffice it to say, Seeming’s “The Burial” is by far and away one of the best tunes of the year, but despite Alex Reed’s best efforts he can’t sneak as bold a move as covering Tori past us without our notice, even while releasing said cover as a B-side. If you’re like us, this’ll prompt disquiet for its unblinking lack of ironic disaffect, much like the Little Earthquakes original did, laying nerves raw and bare. Jesus, Alex, couldn’t you have just done “Happy Phantom”?

Wulfband, “Attentat”
Sweden is no stranger to neo-old school body music, nor is Progress Productions who have put out some of the better classically styled-EBM albums in recent years. No surprise then that recent PP signings Wulfband fall squarely within those parameters, and that’s not a bad thing: we love DAF styled bass and drum workouts as much as the next borkaboo, and judging by the track below and “Jetzt” (also available as a free download from Soundcloud) these cats have got that style locked down with no doubt. Look for their debut to hit in the fall!

Angst, “Konstant”
Speaking of Sweden, new-old EBM and Progress Productions, would you believe we’re about to double up by posting a track by Henrik Björkk’s new project? Angst is about as trad as you’re gonna get and with good cause: Björkk’s credentials as a true school body music pioneer with Pouppée Fabrikk are absolutely unimpeachable, and his willingness to experiment with Nexus Kenosis and Mz.412 afford him this foray (accompanied by Mathias Pettersson) into some classic sounds. The debut album will be coming out on July 30th; be on the lookout as shit is hella limited.

M‡яc▲ll▲, “Ȼlʌire’s ɧѳrrѳrs”
More cinematic drama from our favourite ghost faces apart from Ghostface himself, M‡яc▲ll▲. There’s a deeply giallo feel to much of the ЄphєmєraŁ EP, whether it’s Moroder or Argento or both as on this tune. We’ll make it to the credits without screaming if you’ll hold our hand.

Surveillance, ” Rise([Parralox Remix)”
If you didn’t hear, Assemblage 23’s Tom Shear dropped a side project LP a while back, and given that man’s reach and cred within Our Thing the list of artists he tapped for a remix comp shouldn’t be a surprise, but it still bears some enumeration:, iVardensphere, ∆AIMON, Aesthetic Perfection, Rotersand, VAC, and more. Here’s a tight and funky take from electro-poppers Parralox.

Beauty Queen Autopsy, “Pure Morning (Placebo Cover)”
And from the unlikely pairings department comes a special cover from Beauty Queen Autopsy, the magic meeting of the minds behind Unwoman and Caustic. Okay, maybe not so unlikely, as Placebo’s rebirth-o’-glam classic “Pure Morning” fits nicely with the “dark noisepop” sound BQA have been touting. Their new EP Good Giving Game (which dropped this very morning) features this track, along with some remixes Mr.Kitty, Loss, Sweatboys and Letzte Ausfahrt Leben.