Hey paisanos! Great things goin’ on this week on ID:UD, all kindsa good music dropping and we’ve got a massive interview in the pipes for tomorrow or Friday that we’re hella worked up about. Here’s some new tracks we’re up on from Dark Drive Clinic, The Present Moment, God Module and Pakt.

Dark Drive Clinic, “Silhouettes”
As we briefly noted in our Kirlian Camera mashnote, John Fryer is a PLAYER. Dude produced on Pretty Hate Machine, was in This Mortal Coil, and has worked on at least a dozen records you love, word is bond. I’m always a little wary of producer projects, as they often end up being heavy on the production to the exclusion of, y’know, good songs, but I’m feelin’ the single for John’s new thing Dark Drive Clinic.

DarkDriveClinic – Silhouettes from DarkDriveClinic on Vimeo.

The Present Moment, “Nothing to Prove”
Another taste of the electro-gothic style The Present Moment are hopefully gonna be rocking on their new album Loyal to a Fault (out in September!). And hey, did you read our interview with Scott from PM last month? I was pretty happy with that. This track in particular is from Disaro’s free-to-download Soma mixtape, which is well worth your time.

God Module, “Rituals (White Ring Remix)”
I got to hear this whilst drunk in a Montreal hotel room back in May, and was suitably impressed by the White Ring kids’ amble over from the witchhouse end of town to our hood for a visit. To be honest, I haven’t much cared about God Module since Inception went under (like 10 friggin’ years ago, good god) but this suits their current ooooooooh spooky incarnation pretty perfectly. I’m sure there’s some kinda blog hay to be made talking about the intersection of gravewave and our thing, but I think we’ll wait to see whether this is an isolated circumstance or the start of something larger before we make too much of a deal out of it.

Pakt, “Freiheit”
I wrote about this a little a few weeks ago. Song sounds kinda like I was hoping, all the little And One-isms in service of sumfin’ a little more bouncy then Stevedave Naghavi and company have done in a minute now. As expected, Chris Ruiz ain’t exactly a great vocalist but he comes hard enough on this to make it go over.