Actual recording sessions for "Black Out the Sun"

We’re back from Terminus and more or less recouped from a full weekend at Industrial Summer Camp. We’re back to the grind, and are celebrating our third anniversary with some reflections on Terminus and our time in the game, plus a chat with North American industrial mainstay and five-time Globex Corporation employee of the month, Eric Gottesman, to talk about his band Everything Goes Cold’s new record, Black Out The Sun. Rate and subscribe on iTunes, download directly or stream from the widget below!

00:00: As with every episode, our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.
07:07: We’re hoping Dennis is doing better! Best wishes for a swift recovery!
08:42: Have a listen and then buy it, what are you waiting for!
10:00: Talking To Ghosts is a great podcast, go and subscribe!
11:20: Nothing on the Facebook yet, but couldn’t hurt to “like” Terminus on Facebook for info as it becomes available!
12:45: You can hear and purchase the whole of Cygnets’ Isolator on Bandcamp!
16:15: We like Eric, and as such we have given him shine.
18:30: We’ll be at Cold Waves III in September, how about you???
21:25: IAMERROR is a pay-what-you-want digital single available via (what else?) Bandcamp!
25:25: Read our review of The Tyrant Sun!
32:00: Not that we’re dissing Herr Chillingston, that dude is crazy!
36:58: For more information on the Serpent Crown, please refer to Wikipedia.
42:22: Between randomly moving to Iceland and disappearing into the Sahara, Jaz Coleman is basically the Where’s Waldo of industrial.
43:14: Swans plus Up equals tears. So many tears.
43:15: “Darkness is a boon for muggers, owls will bother us with incessant hooting, the town’s sundial will be rendered useless. I want no part of this! It’s uncontrollably fiendish.”
43:30: If you don’t have time to read all that, casual readers can get a solid dose of Solaris in the All-Star Superman trade paperbacks.
46:44: Again, trainspotters can get a sense of Scrooge McDuck’s origins here. Otherwise, Don Rosa’s exceptional The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck is well worth your sheckles.
48:49: Daniel Paul Schreber is fascinating.
1:04:49: Seriously, Vancouver, go see HFF.