The cover for the forthcoming Numan album, as discussed in this episode.

Okay! Response to the first ID:UD podcast was uniformly positive, and by that we mean we received no death threats after it, so we’re taking another crack at this format, again with a tentative eye towards keeping this a bi-weekly feature. In this installment we talk about records by Dernière Volonté and Distorted Memory, and wax enthusiastic about the prospect of seeing Gary Numan play live tonight. Stream and download from the bottom of the post!
We’re still very much in the process of sussing out the nuts and bolts of podcasting for ID:UD, so if you have any feedback at all, please hit us up in the comments. We’re also looking at hosting solutions for the podcast, so if you have any experiences, positive or otherwise, with any of the hosting companies who offer talked-up turnkey podcasting operations, we’re eager to hear about those as well. Thanks!
We should also note that as with the first episode, we used “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her remix)” by ∆AIMON. It’s been a favourite for us over the last year in the headphones and in the club, and seemed like a good fit for We Have a Technical. You can get it digitally here or on CD here.
Distorted Memory
Dernière Volonté
Gary Numan