Ni hao lawoais! Say, do you reside in Los Angeles or within a short driving distance thereof? If so, please be aware that the ID:UD senior staff is gonna be staging a trip down to said city to DJ the retro room of the mighty Das Bunker this Friday, attend the Dive/Blush Response/High-Functioning Flesh show on Saturday at Complex and catch a Dodgers game on Sunday. We sure would like to say hi, so if you’re inclined come on down to any of those events and look for the freaky tall guy in the Jays fitted or the tubby dude with the inadvisable beard, we’ll be drinking and talking shop with anyone foolish enough to get within earshot. Here’s some new songs to speed you on your way to next weekend and its requisite shenanigans.

.com/Kill, “Monster Divine”
Apparently this is the new sideproject of Adrian Hates from Diary of Dreams? DoD are one of those bands that by all indications are monstrously popular in the European (or at least the German) scene, but have basically no presence on this side of the Atlantic, save for “The Plague” being a minor club hit a few years back. I don’t even know what to make of this other than enjoying the video, which features the most industrial bear this side of Claus Larsen. I guess time will tell how the sound of this project will diverge from the clubbed-up darkwave of the parent band.

Skinny Puppy, “paragUn”
I don’t even know what insane circumstances would had to have transpired for you not to have heard this new Puppy track yet, seeing as how the moment Metropolis put it up on Youtube it was pasted up in the social media feed of every man woman and child on earth (my selection bias notwithstanding). On the off chance you were in solitary confinement over the weekend or trapped in a cave by cannibalistic hillbillies or something, here it is again. I’m feeling this DAWbreaker, the build is ridiculous and listen to Ogre’s double tracked vocals, that’s some deep production right there. Weapon comes out soon, as Vancouver’s official industrial peanut gallery you can be sure we’ll have, like, a geyser of opinions about it.

Kite, “Dance Again”
Sweden’s electropop duo give us a taster of their upcoming V EP, out this week on Progress Productions. If you aren’t familiar with the lads, this is pretty much as good a primer as you could ask for, straight melancholia that gets in through the ear holes, makes it was down to the heart, and if you’re fortunate enough to be in a place where it’s appropriate (a club, your bedroom, public transit) moves down to your dancin’ appendages.

Dance Again by Kite on Grooveshark

Marsheaux, “To The End”
We’ve been waiting for some new Marsheaux patiently for a while now, and it sounds like our patience is set to be rewarded when Inhale comes out like a debutante at a cotillion mid-month. Between the new long player of sweet synthpop from these Greek ladies, and the releases mentioned above (not to mention new Kirlian Camera, oh my!) it certainly doesn’t seem like we’ll be lacking for things to write about in May.

Rummelsnuff, “Bratwurstzange”
Just try to explain Rummelsnuff to somebody, I guarantee no matter how erudite and well-spoken you are, you won’t be able to capture the appeal of a German body-builder who alternates between sea shanties and EBM at a whim. It’s one of those things that either appeals to your sensibilities or doesn’t, and to be totally honest I’m not even sure where I come out in that toss-up. The barbecue in this video looks like good fun though, I’ll be sticking this jam on my secret VĂ«gtoberfest playlist, for safekeeping you understand.