It’s almost Hallowe’en and you know what that means right? We all have an ironclad excuse to get drunk in a crazy outfit, not that people in Our Thing have ever needed one come to think of it. Yes, Samhain brings with it all manner of fine pumpkin ales, classic horror movies on the TV and hell, even some new tunage to set the mood for your inevitable November long hangover. have a boo at some new business below, I’m gonna go put the finishing touches on my Daedalus costume.

Bedroom eyes.

Leæther Strip, “Kiss My Deutschland”

The lead off-track from Claus “The Godfather of Dark Electro” Larsen’s forthcoming OBJECT ÆP release takes the form of an EBM tribute to the good people of Germany. Claus has been working with Marco from Decoded Feedback on a new project they say has an old school body music flavour, so perhaps this is a bit of a taster for what that collaboration might yield soundwise. Y’all can pre-order the EP via, tune in here for a perusal when it drops in mid-November.

∆AIMON, “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her remix)”

The Artoffact class of 2012 has been pretty stellar, albums from Dead When I Found Her and Chrysalide have been heard emanating from the ID:UD HQ for a solid chunk of the year thus far. We’re pretty excited to hear the rerelease of the Legend album and the expanded version of ∆AIMON’s FLATLINER before the year is out. The first track leaked from the latter is this tasteful clubbified version of “Black Cross” courtesy of the aforementioned Dead When I Found Her, who bring the electro-industrial to our favourite post-witch house act with the same thoughtful energy that made this month’s Rag Doll Blues such an engaging listen.

Malakwa, “Witches”

Parisian electro-rock combo Malakwa serve up an NSFW video in anticipation of their upcoming Occultronic album for Alfa Matrix. This puts me in mind of some of the punkier electro-house styles that were hitting back at the turn of the millenium like Dakar & Grinser and Codec & Flexor, big, sleazy and easy to dance to. Peep the track, and maybe while you’re at it go back and sample some of the more classically industrial rock flavours on their AM debut Street Preacher, you might find something that tickles you.

WITCHES / NEW CLIP OF MALAKWA from fabien laubry on Vimeo.

XP8, “Trip (Remixed by Cutoff:Sky)”

Our distinguished colleague Nick Quarm from Brutal Resonance has gone and started hisself a management and promotion company, Juggernaut Services. Apparently things have been going pretty well, since he’s amassed enough clients to put together two promotional compilations, named Moving Mountains and Calming Cyclones respectively. This bangin’ remix of XP8’s “Trip” is just one of the featured songs, amongst numbers by Retrogramme, Pittersplatter, Psykkle and nolongerhuman amongst others. You can have a listen to both comps over at JS’ Bandcamp, funds from their purchase will be put towards a physical release in the future.


Unless I mis-recollect, Justin from Ronobe started CONCLΔVE during a temporary hiatus for his main project. While that group has a more global mixture of light and dark electronic elements, CONCLΔVE is definitely on the darker tip, hella witch is the pitch, you feel me? There’s a free EP you can snap up on Bandcamp, another nice entry in the year of cool free or pay what you want releases sweepstakes.