Big week here at ID:UD! When we were in Montreal we engaged two friends of the site to contribute some articles for the site, which they graciously agreed to. We have their first submissions in hand now, and damn, these guys went for the throat their first time out. Major props are due to Kathleen Chausse and Matt Pathogen; we’re extremely proud to have them on board the good ship I Die: You Die as we sail the seas of Our Thing. Watch for their pieces to drop this week, along with all kinds of other neat stuff. It’s a good time to be us! Let’s start things off like we do every week, with some new songs we’re into! Ahoy y’all!

Ad Inferna are divided on the issue of wearing shirts in photoshoots.

Ad Inferna , “Ad Inferna”
Man, I couldn’t tell you much about Ad Inferna. I know they did a pretty good remix for Roppongi Inc. Project last year, and I really liked their track on the Electronic Saviors 2, but otherwise, blank slate for me critically. Which ain’t so bad! It means when I start doing research I can make all kinds of interesting discoveries, like how they were a metal band at one point, and also how they’ve had like, three albums out in as many years. Looking beyond what my pals Discogs and Last.FM have to tell me (seriously, if those sites were to go out of business we’d be bufu’d) this song sets itself up as a fast-paced dancefloor track before flipping the script and busting out a breakdown replete with some nice string sounds and classy french-talkin’. I dig.

DSX, “The Weak, The Broken & the Poor (feat. Martin Sax)”
DSX is the new solo project from Dejan Samardzic of the mighty Haujobb, and this is the first track released for public consumption. This is right up my proverbial alley, a classic EBM bassline with mechanical textures (some contributed by Michael Renfield of Ro1or) building and evolving around the vocals provided by Martin Sax of T.W.A.T. and EkoBrottsMyndigheten. We’ve had the pleasure of hearing some of the demos for this project and let me assure you, big, interesting things are on the horizon! Grab it at Bandcamp and watch this space for further updates on DSX as they become available!

And One, “Get It! (feat. Douglas McCarthy)”
Dudes, this is probably the best thing about the new And One album, and it isn’t actually on the record proper, but on the companion EP Treibwerk. Steve-Dave working with Douglas McCarthy makes a whole lot of sense: if you mapped the And One genome I’m pretty sure it’d come out looking like a poster for the ’89 Depeche Mode/Nitzer Ebb tour. When they bring out the latter influence more than the former, results are favourable. If you’re gonna buy S.T.O.P. make sure you get the 2-CD version with the EP, it’s straight fire.

Displacer, “Totality”
Michael Morton’s output as Displacer is consistent, both in quality in delivery time. No more than two years has passed between albums for the dude since his debut back in 2003, with things becoming increasingly luxuriant and thoughtful sounding with each release. Hot on the heels of that remix for Known Rebel we liked, Morton dropped this video for a track from his forthcoming release Foundation, which as you may have gathered is anticipated ’round the ID:UD HQ. Smoooooooth.

C/A/T, “Diamond Center”
The C/A/T came back! After a year or so in self-imposed exile Ben Arp has returned with a new sound that combines the earlier, more experimental sound of his Chaos and Terror project with some of the dark post-Witch House sounds that’ve been turning up lately, and the combination sounds pretty damn fine. Peep this, the title track from a freshly released EP you can snap up for free via Bandcamp (or for a donation of a few bucks). Big recommendation for those of you who are interested in the strain of slowburn industrial-influenced electronic music (witchhaus der lüge?) that’s starting to emerge in 2012.