Morning, gang! I’m well into the thick of trying to balance following the baseball season (I’m stuck with Jair Jurrgens on my fantasy team for the time being, but I’m still doing well thanks to David Wright and Edwin Jackson) with keeping tabs on new music coming down the pipeline, but I think I’ve found a tasty assortment to start the week off well. That’s about it, let’s get to the music! …Oh yeah, the ID:UD staff enthusiastically endorses The Raid. That flick is full-bore gonzo awesome.

Die Laughing, “Tangled”
Zounds! When I cobbled together my little profile of Die Laughing a few months back I found no murmur of a reunion, yet here we are! Sounds like this presages a fully fledged reunion after thirteen years away with gigs (beginning appropriately with a 20th anniversary show at Whitby) and a new release of some description. It’s no surprise to those of us who’ve enjoyed her work with Pretentious, Moi?, but Rachel’s voice is still as gorgeous as ever.

Lust For Youth, “Behind Curtains”
Sweden’s Lust For Youth are set to release a new LP, Growing Seeds on Avant! Records (who’ve dished out solid stuff from the likes of King Dude and Cult Of Youth). While they trade in synthpop, it’s synthpop of a far grimier and noisier cast than that of so many of their fellow Swedes which we’ve featured on these pages. Should appeal if you like Cold Cave or Parade Ground.

Architect, “Hummingbird (Rough Demo)”
We’ve already heard one smooth demo from Daniel Myer’s ongoing work on the new Architect record; here’s another sneak peak, featuring Emese Illés of Black Nail Cabaret on vocals. 2010’s Consume Adapt Create was an absolute beast, in my estimation surpassing all previous Architect LPs, and both of these tracks (plus various tidbits of info little birds have been putting in our ears) bode very well for the forthcoming album measuring up to that standard.

∆AIMON, “Mirrors Fade”
It’s nice to see the initial flash-freezing of whatever the hell witch house and/or drag was “supposed” to sound like at its inception beginning to melt and some of the more talented producers beginning to spread out and co-mingle with other existing forms which had aimed for similar moods. In short: more people working in dark shit like this, and less trying to out-sizzurp DJ Screw is a good thing. ∆AIMON’s new Flatliner EP drops tomorrow!


Larvae, “Exit Strategy”
…And finally, here’s a pretty little thing by Larvae. The title track from Matthew Jeanes’ fourth album, just out now on Ad Noiseam, is a nice bit of slowly building downtempo, and as for the video? Robots, Godzilla, heartbreak, what’s not to love?