I’m back y’all! Not that I was ever actually gone, thanks to the magic of the internet I was able to participate in all manner of ID:UD related foolishness during my Roman holiday, in between swilling wine and buying up hard to find Kirlian Camera and Pankow pieces of course. Also, I ate a piece of buffalo mozzarella the size of my fist! At any rate, after a gruelling 32 hour ordeal getting home, I’m well rested and have some interesting new tracks to share with y’all, including a couple that fall slightly outside our usual range of coverage but that I feel will be of some interest to our readership, open-minded and musically adventurous as you are. As always, if there’s any new business you feel should be tabled here, we’re always happy for track submissions either via e-mail at idieyoudieblog@gmail.com or right here in the comments of this here post. On with the show!

Did you know that Andr√© Schmechta backwards spells Athcemhsc √Črdna?

SN-A, “Transmission 01-001-1”
New X-Marks the Pedwalk side-project SN-A comes out strong with the first single from their forthcoming digital release on Infacted, a bit of vocoder happy technofied EBM that puts me in mind of some of the tweakier bits of the late period Pedwalk ouevre a la Drawback which is now like 16 years old if you can believe that. SN-A presumably stands for XMP mainman Sevren Ni-Arb whose name spells “brain nerves” backwards. I remember the first time I realized that my mind was totally blown, and remained so for an afternoon. It was the nineties, it took a lot less to blow minds back then.

Salem, “Better Off Alone (Alec Empire mix)”
There is a profound disagreement on the topic of drag/witchhouse music here at ID:UD. Bruce thinks that it’s a haven for untalented trend-riders that has yet to produce any records of note (aside from last year’s Balam Acab disk, which is only tangentially related), whereas I think that anything that sheds light on the darker corners where hip hop and electronic music are still connected, consciously or not, is worth examining. Enjoy this remix of genre standard-bearer Salem’s Alice Deejay cover by ol’ Alec Empire, a fella who has done some none too shabby rap collabs hisself.

Steve Aoki, “Ladi Dadi (Woods remix by XP8)”
Okay, I’m not generally a fan of Dim Mak label-boss Steve Aoki’s electro productions, and yeah, it’s not the kind of thing that we’d normally discuss around here. As a matter of fact, I think that his recent single “Ladi Dadi” is pretty ass, all things considered. With that said, our friends in XP8 have decided to to enter the Beatport remix contest for the track, and have turned in a very cool rendition that has a lot of acid touches, an element of Marco and Marko’s production and remix style that I frequently enjoy. Miles better than the original cut IMO. Go over to Beatport and drop the mix a vote why don’t you?

Der Noir, “Another Day”
I copped the new album from these Italian darkwavers off one of the dudes from the band at a record store in Rome, because that’s the sort of thing I do. Imagine my surprise, when during a dinner with pal Allesandro Adriani of Mannequin Records the next night I found out he worked on the record, specifically on the fabulous cut you’re about to hear. It’s a nice meeting of darkwave and European coldwave sounds for sure, fucking love the wave of keyboard sounds that drop into the mix around 2:15 in. Italia!