Miracle, “The Visitor”
A collaboration between members of Moroder-worshipers Zombi and Norwegian avant-garde mystics Ulver proves to be as fertile and intriguing as its component parts suggest. The entirety of the Fluid Window EP is worthy of your time and rumination.

The March Violets, “Road Of Bones”
Yep, the other great fog n’ drum machine goth band from Leeds have reactivated. They’ve released the teaser Love Will Kill You EP, which includes this sparse and shimmery track, in anticipation of a full-length to be released shortly. Play loud, play purple.

Snake Dance, “Fall From Grace”
Holy crap, am I ever digging this debut tune. I’ve been able to find absolutely no information about who exactly Snake Dance might be (besides a few people who enjoy the track of the same name by the Violets), but I refuse to believe a trad-goth gem this polished is these guys’ first time at the dance (the resemblance to Solemn Novena is astonishing). Here’s hoping more info and more tracks surface shortly.

Principe Valiente, “The Night”
A strong cut from the gloomy Swedish post-punks self-titled debut LP. Watch this space for a review.