1. yosoy

    Replicas: Caustic, “Yo Soy En Fuego”

    July 30, 2014  |  Replicas  |  Comments (0)

    The 10th anniversary re-release of Matt Fanale’s debut illustrates how far the cult industrial artist has come.

  2. sleetgrout

    Sleetgrout, “Try to Die”

    July 29, 2014  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The Russian dark electro group have a few more tricks up their sleeve on their latest release.

  3. Mean muggin' cock

    Tracks: July 28th, 2014

    July 28, 2014  |  Tracks  |  Comments (1)

    Prepping ourselves for the dog days of Summer with song selections from Cocksure, FoetusDreams, Dead When I Found Her, Fifth of July and Diesel Dudes.

  4. The Will To Power - Down

    Observer: July 24th, 2014

    July 25, 2014  |  Observer  |  Comments (0)

    New EPs from Interdictor, The Will To Power, and Wolves In The Throne Room all hang within and at the edges of this thing of ours.

  5. blacklung

    Black Lung, “The Great Golden Goal”

    July 23, 2014  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Dee Thrussel’s long running instrumental project’s latest LP is a loose concept album of sinister motivational music.

  6. The Fourth Man - "onaniershow"

    The Fourth Man, “onaniershow”

    July 22, 2014  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Another piece of Vancouver’s industrial legacy re-emerges, with the never before released sophomore album from The Fourth Man.

  7. Xiu - One Thrilling Night

    Tracks: July 21st, 2014

    July 21, 2014  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    Crossover, Interdictor, Alter Der Ruine, VALIS, Xiu, Nomo Oggo, and The Gothsicles all hit switches in this week’s Tracks.

  8. Front 242 - Headhunter 2000

    We Have a Technical #25: The Headhunter 2Kast

    July 18, 2014  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (3)

    We break from podcast tradition to bring you a very special blow-by-blow, front-by-front audio commentary for Front 242′s “Headhunter 2000″ release in the latest episode of We Have A Technical.

  9. surveillance

    End to End: Surveillance, “Oceania Remixed”

    July 17, 2014  |  End to End  |  Comments (0)

    We run through every track on the new remix LP from Tom Shear’s classic EBM-flavoured side project Surveillance.

  10. Cygnets - Isolator

    Cygnets, “Isolator”

    July 16, 2014  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Cygnets offer glammy synthrock with some nice post-punk moves and plenty of drama.