1. rhysfulber

    Rhys Fulber, “Your Dystopia, My Utopia”

    May 23, 2018  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (2)

    Rhys Fulber explores dark, industrialized techno on an LP that highlights his diverse skillset in a fresh way.

  2. Inhalt in their natural habitat

    Tracks: May 22nd, 2018

    May 22, 2018  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    New music from Body Break, Rhys Fulber, Agent Side Grinder, Roya, Inhalt, and Dame Area.

  3. pris

    Observer: Makeup And Vanity Set & Webdriver Torso

    May 18, 2018  |  Observer  |  Comments (0)

    Shortform reviews of new EPs by Makeup And Vanity Set and Webdriver Torso.

  4. Anna-Varney

    We Have a Technical 208: Brother Hero

    May 17, 2018  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (1)

    We’re using albums from Alien Sex Fiend and Sopor Æternus and the Ensemble of Shadows as launching points for discussion about two of goth’s more unique quantities.

  5. Ash Code - Perspektive

    Ash Code, “Perspektive”

    May 16, 2018  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    The new LP from Ash Code is a full force slab of excellent coldwave.


    Celldöd, “Fragmenterade Minnen”

    May 15, 2018  |  Album Reviews  |  Comments (0)

    Celldöd expands his vision of rough, DIY hardware-based EBM on his second LP.

  7. Second Still

    Tracks: May 14th, 2018

    May 14, 2018  |  Tracks  |  Comments (0)

    New tracks from Front Line Assembly, Imperial Black Unit, Kollaps, Glass Apple Bonzai, Second Still, and Panic Priest.

  8. cd-the-mission-gods-own-medicine-800x800

    We Have a Commentary: The Mission, “God’s Own Medicine”

    May 13, 2018  |  Commentary, We Have a Technical  |  Comments (0)

    This month’s patreon supported commentary podcast is about The Mission’s debut LP “God’s Own Medicine”!

  9. Hex Wolves - Another Man Made Tragedy

    Observer: Hex Wolves & Monolith

    May 11, 2018  |  Album Reviews, Observer  |  Comments (0)

    Short form reviews of techno-tinged releases from Hex Wolves and Monolith.


    We Have a Technical 207: Catch the Taste

    May 10, 2018  |  We Have a Technical  |  Comments (0)

    The role of archiving and collecting in Our Thing is taken up in this week’s episode of the podcast!