Okay, okay, okay: no more shenanigans. The oft-promised and equally oft-delayed 500th episode of We Have A Technical is coming to you this Thursday. It’s the culmination of a goal that was loosely spitballed about over a decade ago, and we’re very happy that all parties concerned were able to commit the time and effort to make it something special and worth the wait. Sorry, we’re not sorry for being cryptic. Just hold tight a few more days with these new tracks to tide you over.



Nightcrawler, “Destroy Me (Feat. S Y Z Y G Y X)”
While more traditionally as a synthwaver, Spanish producer Nightcrawler has been getting decidedly more darkwave in recent years. Check out new track “Destroy Me”, a collab with S Y Z Y G Y X’s Luna Blanc; it’s still got that neon-tinged programming the project has always dealt in, but viewed through a mirror darkly with synthlines becoming more sinister, vocals more obscured by reverb and delay and some crunchy textures that are anything but smooth and slick.

Alpha Sect, “Your A Side Killed Me”
Greek producer Alpha Sect keeps showing up on solid comps or via arresting remixes, like his reworking of a Brixx track last year. His latest single offers a fascinating fusion of industrial and techno, but not at all in the vein one might expect upon seeing those two terms. This track and its similarly titled companion “Your B Side Saved Me” prioritize texture, harmony, and engrossing and murky programming over beats, though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the rhythm here, either. Should appeal to those who enjoy Restive Plaggona.

MVTANT, “Voraphobes”
The title of MVTANT’s forthcoming LP, Electronic Body Horror, is as good of an indication as any as to the style of Joseph Anger’s production. If this lead track is any indication, the first proper new release from MVTANT since 2019 should feature the loping pulses and pained gasps which guide Joseph Anger’s approach to EBM.

MeLLLo, “The One”
Marianthi Melitsi’s solo MeLLLo project has been on a roll. With Marsheaux on an indefinite hiatus, MeLLLo has been an incredibly prolific project of late, and the distinction between this cut and “You And Me”, the previous track from the project also featured here, could not be more pronounced. Insular, frail, confessional, but still beautiful in its chilly early synthpop wistfulness, a tune like this shows just how keen of a songsmith Melitsi is even at her most minimal.

Selofan, “Sticky Fingers”
Damn, how did we not know Selofan had a new one on the go? We enjoyed 2020’s Partners in Hell, a record that showed the Greek duo were something of a special quantity in the current wave scene, especially when it came to balancing club appeal and some distinctly goth, and gothic musical leanings. Haven’t had time to dig into Animal Mentality yet, but opener “Sticky Fingers” is just perfect, appropriately dramatic, but with plenty of gloomy flair for the club to boot. Expect a review of the record soon.

Zanias, “Burial (QUAL remix)”
Look, when thinking of William Maybelline’s work as half of gloom-merchant wave act Lebanon Hanover, or the miserabalist hard industrial sound of his QUAL project, nineties rave tropes probably aren’t the first thing to come to mind. And yet that’s excactly what you get from his remix of Zanias’ “Burial” (another in the very strong mixes that have been taken from last year’s phenomenal Chrysalis), with all the synth stabs and piano you could want. Unexpected, but no less bangin’ for it.