Well, with Canuck Thanksgiving out of the way and no immediate trips or other important holidays on the horizon, we might actually get a few weeks of regular posting under our belt again. While we suppose theirs nothing to keep us from posting on national holidays and the like, we’ve always kind of thought of IDUD like a job, with some of the same ups and downs and ins and outs. This has helped us keep our schedule, except for some occasional unscheduled times this year specifically which we hope weren’t too long for our regular readers. Anyways this is mostly to say it’s good to sit down and pound out a Tracks post, and thank you for being here to read it. On to the music!

General Dynamics

General Dynamics

Kevorkian Death Cycle, “Empty Days”
Kevorkian Death Cycle are back, although in truth they’ve never really left. The long-running electro-industrial project helmed by Roger Jarvis (one of the movers behind Negative Gain Productions) and Ryan Gribbin may not have had a full LP since 2015’s I Am God, but the ever-evolving nature of KDC means they’ve been able to dip in and out without ever feeling like they’ve been a done for good. This year already saw them re-approach some of their classic material on Injection 01, new single What You See Is Death is a double-A side single featuring two all new cuts. “Empty Days” has the specific mode of classic 90’s US industrial, but with some pleasingly modern production under the hood, hitting all the right cyberpunk body horror buttons. New album when fellas?

Madeleine Fragile, “The Two Others”
Business just picked up over at Pildoras Tapes, where after a quiet half a year, four new releases just dropped on the same day. None run against the styles we’ve come to expect from the Colombian label as much as The Sanhedrin, the new EP from Parisian producer Madeleine Fragile. This track’s scraping ambiance and Cold Meat Industry-esque approach to ritual industrial couldn’t be further from Pildoras’ lofi body music purview, but damn if it isn’t enjoyable.

Caustic x grabyourface, “Not Your Body (Null Device remix)”
A few weeks back we highlighted the track “Not Your Body”, another team-up between Matt Fanale’s Caustic and frequent collaborator grabyourface, a white hot rework of an older track by the former producer made over into a fiery screed on women’s bodily autonomy. Fanale’s partner in Klack Eric Oehler got ahold of the track and has produced 6 (!!!) remixes, which you can now download from Bandcamp – we went with the Null Device remix which leverages Oehler’s symphonic synthpop chops, but there’s a lot of variety in the mixes, from Klack to Edgecase Development Corporation, to The Mayors Nothing.

Kutkh Jackdaw, “Fires In Your Garden (Anti Yo Remix)”
Scotland’s Kutkh Jackdaw is a new name to us, but given that he’s previously tapped the likes of Notausgang and Chrome Corpse for remixing, it’s safe to say we’ve been tracking the same sounds of late. As further proof, check out this funky yet utterly menacing reworking of a track from Jackdaw’s 2020 EP by Argentinian producer Anti Yo. Swampy, stabby and darkly dubby, it’s a nice illustration of just how fresh and flexible the approach of newer body music producers can be.

Holon, “Deeds Not Words”
Some nicely cinematic stuff from Ontario’s Holon on new LP Virtual Nothing. Tunes like this one show off Mark Rydyger’s sense for post-industrial programming and arrangement, even as it takes a smoother and more melodic approach. Should definitely tide over folks waiting for the just-announced new mind.in.a.box LP, and should also appeal to those who enjoyed FLA’s forays into soundtracking.

General Dynamics, “Interrogation Sequence”
If you’re anything like us, the moment you realized the latest release from the ever-dependable X-IMG was a project from labelhead SARIN and Qual, you hit the buy button before even listening to the preview track. Turns out that wasn’t in any way unjustified; the preview track “Interrogation Sequence” blends SARIN’s industrialized body music style with William Maybelline’s scathing misery aesthetic to an alarmingly natural degree. An absolute paint-peeler ready for your braver dancefloors, but be careful how you apply it – General Dynamics is the strong stuff.