We don’t take a lot of time to push our Patreon here on the website: aside from the banner on the front page and the weekly shoutouts on the podcast it’s something we’ve been comfortable with growing organically. As we’ve said many times, even if our Patreon died tomorrow we wouldn’t stop doing I Die: You Die, or We Have a Technical. That said we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our patrons for their support, and let you all know that it has recently allowed us to make a gear purchase that will theoretically open some new content avenues for us here in 2021. You’ll have to be patient while we get the details worked out, but it’s coming and it’s going to be a lot of fun. In the meantime why not enjoy the regular Tracks post, an I Die: You Die tradition?

Panther Modern

Panther Modern, or should we say T’Panther Modern?

Panther Modern, “Kick It Out”
Panther Modern’s visual and aesthetic presentation is so overwhelming that you can sometimes forget how good his tunes are. We admit that “Kick It Out” is some of the first PM material we’ve listened to without direct visual accompaniment in a while, and it was a healthy reminder that the master of virtual reality concerts is making some wild and advanced tunes. The simple bassline augmented with distant pulsing synths, awkwardly real hand claps and Brady Keen’s distinctive vocals is basically catnip to us, definite dancefloor contender and a reminder that Panther Modern is substance and sizzle in one.

Affet Robot, “Budala”
The last time we checked in with Turkey’s Affet Robot they were working with a smooth hybrid of new wave and darkwave sounds. The first taste of forthcoming LP Fiyasko colours in some of the spaces between those styles, with big and bright synthpop leads being added, bringing some uptempo, anthemic drive to what is already a catchy and and rich sound. Super promising, and a nice addition to living room dance party for one mixes.

Mary, “Devouring Me”
Here’s some manic and often poppy goth/post-punk out of Toronto. Tunes like this one from one-man act Mary’s recent Die Before Death LP do a nice job of adorning pretty straight-forward, driving tunes with a whole mess of feedback and jagged overlays. That can be a difficult balance to strike, but Mary manages it in a way not dissimilar to Veil Veil Vanish.

Gasoline Invertebrate, “Scarlet Slip feat. Chris Connelly (iVardensphere remix)”
This right here is a hell of a meeting of the minds: Head Gothsicle in Charge Brian Graupner’s wild Gasoline Invertebrate project did a track with Chris Connelly that has now been remixed by our pal Scott Fox of iVardensphere. And it sounds…kind of how you would expect: the beats are zippy and fun, Connelly does his half-sleazebag, half-Scots poet delivery and Fox brings the mastery of deep grooves and percussion to the party. The EP is out now, featuring remixes by Grasp Logic, Snowbeasts, Affect Effect and more, hit it up!

DJ VST, “jsr 060420”
From Brazil’s Buraco label – the same folks who brought us that solid MVQX EP – comes a set of improvisations from Russia’s DJ VST (good luck googling that). It’s raw and sharp hardware pings and kicks here, punching out a cold and spiky sound on this and the other three tracks on the tape. Should appeal to vintage powernoise fans or folks currently missing the experience of standing two feet in front of blown out club speakers.

Kite, “Hexx (Live at the Royal Opera”
It’s not often we throw a live version of a song into one of these here posts, but you know we make a lot of exceptions when Kite is involved. The Swedish synthpop gods’ absolutely stunning Live at the Royal Opera sold out twice when solicited on vinyl the other month, which should be a testament to exactly how much faith everyone has in the band, faith that has been fully rewarded by the simultaneous release of the 2019 recording streaming on video and via Bandcamp. If you have any doubts, this stirring and mournful version of relative deep cut “Hexx” from III should erase ’em.