Good times in Vancouver this past weekend, as bod, the city’s industrial-techno crossover party welcomed Shannon F of Light Asylum to the decks. Playing a wide-ranging set that encompassed hot techno, classic industrial and a few total surprises (“Soylent Green” by :wumpscut: was unexpected but not unwelcome), it highlighted that genre matters way less than mood and the willingness of a crowd to dance. That’s not to mention a live set from BC’s recently minted Body Break (a collab between Void Mirror and Robert Katerwol from Wire Spine and Weird Candle), setting off some late night dancing in a city that sorely needs it. Good way to usher in the real beginning of Fall in Rain City.

Glass Apple Bonzai & Hello Moth

Glass Apple Bonzai & Hello Moth performing “The Grim Cowboy and the Dandy,” one of the most revered and complex cons in carny history.

Hello Moth and Glass Apple Bonzai, “Lucid Dream”
We were lucky enough to hear this collaboration between two of Canada’s brightest synthpop auteurs performed live at Terminus a couple of months ago, and so we’re very happy to premiere the video for Hello Moth and Glass Apple Bonzai’s “Lucid Dream”. The pair met at Terminus in 2015 and became admirers of each other’s work, and after touring together along with The Rain Within decided to collaborate more closely. Daniel X Belasco’s smooth bed of synths pairs perfectly with Hello Moth’s sharp talent for classic pop vocals. Remixes from both Hello Moth and The Rain Within are in the pipeline, as is the potential for a European tour from the two Canadian acts. Until then, enjoy the vid and grab the track on Bandcamp!

Sigsaly, “Rightful Future”
Another new one from Vancouver’s Sigsaly, cementing the shift in tone and style from their more established Koban project. Definitely feeling some of the minimal vocal stylings at play on “Rightful Future”, with Brittany’s far off voice contrasting the rigid, sharply programmed bass and percussion. Somewhere between darkwave and minimal, and with a bit of the beast into it as well, don’t get caught sleeping on the latest offerings from some of dark Vancouver’s live music staples.

Kangarot, “Demon Haunted World”
Atlanta’s DKA Records always come correct, and their various compilation releases have turned us on to all manner of new and upcoming acts. Their Tape Programme Vol. II release looks to continue that trend, being jammed to the gills with artists we’ve yet to check out, but Kangarot certainly aren’t one of them. It’s been too long since we’ve heard anything from Josh Reed’s one man psych-industrial project, and this stripped down acid jam has us anticipating his forthcoming full-length.

Field Agent, “J.B.I.T.”
Stephen Lee Clark once again dives deep into misty and troubling techno territory with this two-track single from his cryptic Field Agent project. Just Breathing Is Torture draws from the same well of imagery and themes pertaining to shadowy military and espionage operations as Vatican Shadow, but adds a good deal more funk and swing. If, of course, by funk you mean the sweat gathering under your collar as allegiances and trust begin to vanish into the heat of the night…

Chrome Corps, “B.I.E.T.”
Brand new single from Seattle’s Chrome Corpse, or as they’ve styled themselves on this release, Chrome Corps. Does that change have to do with the militant EBM sound of the three-track release? Whose to say, but fans of the projects previous releases should find plenty to enjoy here, with some distinct old-school body flavour and dual shouted vocals from Michael F9000 and Tony Hirnsturm. Already one of our fave PNW acts, the band have evolved hugely since we first heard them and continue to find new ideas and wrinkles to explore while things rivet. As a quick aside, always good to see something from Kansas’ X O S Musick, who we haven’t heard from in a while but who consistently deliver the goods.