With Cold Waves Prime just having wrapped up a few hours ago and Das Bunker 21 only a few days away, it might be a good time to think about the embarrassment of riches available for us in North American industrial. While it’s true that the club scene’s protracted torpor shows no signs of abating (and maybe that’s for the best?), there’s no shortage of fests and touring acts to go see, and labels consistently releasing new material from bands new and old. It’s pretty exciting stuff, and we’re happy to be here writing about it. Like in a Tracks post for example. Read on friends.

Winter Severity Index

Winder Severity Index

Konkurs, “Descender”
Joey Blush and Emad Dabiri just can’t stop. Not content with the frenetic pace at which they’re churning out solo releases as Blush Response, SΛRIN respectively, their collaborative project Konkurs has another EP loaded in the chamber (due on a + w, natch). This first cut drops the BPM a titch but more than makes up for that with the sheer maelstrom of metallic clash and clang which they’ve marshaled. Looking forward to hearing what the rest of Object of Subversion has on deck.

Crisis Actor, “Electronic Eye (Iszoloscope remix)”
All seeing eye meets all consuming void on this remix of Gnome and Thrussel’s Crisis Actor project by cosmic horrorist Iszoloscope. The sardonic acidic original is still present, but overhauled with crushing percussion and sweeping washes of reverb for that deep space terror that has marked so many recent productions by Yann Faussurier. You can find it and a bevy of other mixes by the likes of Dead Voices on Air, Displacer, and others on the recent The Dissonant Reality Show release from Ant-Zen.

Winter Severity Index, “Candidate”
A new release from Winter Severity Index has reissued the Italian gloom-merchants’ second EP, the long out of print Survival Rate, but also appends a clutch of more recent tracks scattered across hard to find singles and compilations. Simona Ferrucci taking on a tune as dour as Joy Division’s “Candidate” would seem like an easy lay-up, but this version shrouds the stark and bare original in billows of reverb and atmosphere (no pun intended).

Karger Traum, “Familienlied”
Punky body music with a German flair straight out of Oklahoma of all places, Karger Traum are the latest project to work with the good folks at DKA Records. This is the first exposure we’ve had to the duo, but the way they use plonky guitar and grody synth textures feels very different from the polished way many similar acts approach EBM. Check the huge emotional pad that breaks through at the song’s climax, straining to keep up with the looping bassline and drum machine thud for a taste of how that tension works in practice.

iVardensphere, “Align, Get In Line, Stay Alive”
The incredibly prolific Scott Fox and the iVardenphere crew return with a whole new LP Hesitation this Fall, incredibly hot on the heels of their January’s Exile. Much to our surprise, “Align, Get in Line, Stay Alive” feels like a return to first principles, with the track’s heavy beat emphasized, and a vocal from Jamie Blacker acting as one of the few melodic elements. iVardensphere has been making some sneaky good club tracks these past couple years (think “Thin Veil” and “A Tale of Two Wolves”) which this one falls handily in line with. Bring on the LP!

Amrou Kithkin, “Tempest”
Low-pro Polish duo Amrou Kithkin have released another EP of misty-forest dream-pop by way of post-punk which nicely captures the fey nature of their namesake. While a couple of the numbers on Lamentations are in their familiar cozy and reflective tone, they’re also taking on more ambitious and tense material, like this melodramatic lead cut which wouldn’t sound too far out of place on a Skeletal Family or Corpus Delicti album.