EDIT: Today, August 4th 2017 Bandcamp are donating their proceeds to Transgender Law Center. Please consider buying something today to help in the fight for the basic rights and protections that so many transgender people are denied.

Original Post:
Artists, activists, hell, even giant mega-corps are marshaling their forces in any way they can to counter the devastating attacks on democracy, transparency, a free press, and basic human decency the Trump administration has only just begun to unleash. Our favourite music delivery system, Bandcamp, is joining in by donating all profits from its sales today to the American Civil Liberties Union (that’s BC’s 15% off the top, mind you – the normal share of the money is still going to the artists). The ACLU is one of the organizations best equipped to combat the torrent of hateful and unconstitutional bullshit the cabal of racists and kleptocrats currently occupying the White House will certainly continue to rain down upon the US, and the broader world. Apart from donating to the ACLU directly, if you’ve been keeping a portfolio of “will pick it up later” items in your Bandcamp wishlist, there’s no better time than today to go on a spree. Nothing coming to mind? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 100 albums available on Bandcamp culled from our annual Best Of lists.

∆AIMON, Flatliner

∆AIMON, self-titled

3TEETH, self-titled

Aesthetic Perfection, ‘Til Death

Agent Side Grinder, Hardware

Alter Der Ruine, Son of a Bitch/There’s Always One More Son of a Bitch

Alter Der Ruine, I Will Remember It All Differently

Animal Bodies, The Killing Scene

Antigen Shift, Brotherhood

Architect, Mine

Ari Mason, Creatures

Beborn Beton, A Worthy Compensation

Bestial Mouths, Heartless

Blac Kolor, Born In Ruins

Black Tape For A Blue Girl, These Fleeting Moments

Blush Response, Desire Machines

Blush Response, Reshaper

Body Of Light, Let Me Go

Boy Harsher, Yr Body Is Nothing

Cardinal Noire, self-titled

Caustic, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop

Caustic, Industrial Music

Celldöd, Mekaniskt Gränsland

Comaduster, Hollow Worlds

Continues, self-titled

Covenant, The Blinding Dark

Cygnets, Isolator

Cygnets, Alone/Together

Dead When I Found Her, All The Way Down

Dead When I Found Her, Eyes on Backwards

Decree, Fateless

Displacer, Foundation

Distorted Memory, Temple of the Black Star

DSX, Anonymous

Distorted Memory, The Eternal Return

Encephalon, The Transhuman Condition

Encephalon, Psychogenesis

ESA, Themes Of Carnal Empowerment Pt. 2: Deceit

Everything Goes Cold, Black Out The Sun

The Exploding Boy, The Black Album

Fostercare, Altered Creature

Front Line Assembly, Echogenetic

Glass Apple Bonzai, Night Maze

Glass Apple Bonzai, In The Dark

Gnome & Sbybey, Three

The Gothsicles, Squid Icarus

Grendel, Timewave Zero

Haujobb, New World March

Haujobb, Blendwerk

High-Functioning Flesh, A Unity Of Miseries – A Misery Of Unities

High-Functioning Flesh, Definite Structures

Michael Idehall, No Man’s Land

In The Nursery, Blind Sound

Individual Totem, Kyria 13

Iszoloscope, False Vacuum

iVardensphere, The Methuselah Tree

iVardensphere, Fable

Kammarheit, The Nest

Kanga, self-titled

Kangarot, Wholly Hex

Leaether Strip, Serenade for the Dead II

Legend, Fearless

Lié, Consent

Lié, Truth Or Consequences

Mend, Vanishing Point

Mild Peril, Matter

M‡яc▲ll▲, self-titled

Minuit Machine, Violent Rains

Mlada Fronta, Polygon

Molasar, Talismans

Mr.Kitty, Time

Mr.Kitty, Fragments

Neuroticfish, A Sign Of Life

NothingButNoise, Not Bleeding Red

oGhr, Undeveloped

The Pain Machinery, Digital Surveillance

The Pain Machinery, Restart

Poordream, Ninetynine

Orphx, Pitch Black Mirror

Prager Handgriff, Arbeit, Sport Und Spiel

The Present Moment, Loyal to a Fault

The Present Moment, Cruel

Pure Ground, Standard Of Living

Pure Ground, Giftgarten

Seeming, Madness & Extinction

Seeming, Worldburners

Severe Illusion, No More Alive Than You Deserve

SØLVE, The Negative

Spectres, Nothing to Nowhere

Spectres, Utopia

Statiqbloom, Mask Visions Poison

Stendeck, Folgor

Sturm Café, Europa!

S U R V I V E, self-titled

Surgyn, Envy

Syrian, Death Of A Sun

Ulterior, The Bleach Room

V▲LH▲LL + M‡яc▲ll▲, Għøsŧs of Λnŧįquįŧұ

V▲LH▲LL, Leaning On Shadows

Volt 9000, Conopoly

Volt 9000, Timeshift

Weird Candle, Regeneration

Weird Candle, Alter Ego

Winter Severity Index, Human Taxonomy

Youth Code, A Place To Stand

Youth Code, Commitment To Complications