Things are gonna be going a little askew schedule-wise around here at ID:UD HQ for the next couple of weeks. Alex is off on a trip to the Nova Scotian motherland, and Bruce’ll be tripping over to Calgary to get Industrial Summer Camp 2016 started right at Terminus. We’re not exactly sure how much posting there’ll be in the short term, but we’ve pre-recorded a couple of episodes of the podcast, so you’ll at least be getting your regular dose of our foolishness in audio form. On with this week’s Tracks!

Have you ever tried to find a clear picture of SΛRIN?

Aesthetic Perfection, “LAX (Mr.Kitty remix)”
Dudes, we know many of you are excited (and some of you are probably salty) about Aesthetic Perfection’s new aggro-pop single “LAX”, but can we take a moment to acknowledge how smart Daniel Graves was with his remixers for this one? The song itself is a tidy piece of dancefloor business, but using Kanga and (as embedded below) Mr.Kitty to emphasize the different strains that make up the song’s synthpop and industrial whole is a clever move worthy of some attention. Also, this mix is blue fire emojis, at least three of them followed by an exclamation point.

KANGA, “Metal (Gary Numan cover)”
Speaking of KANGA, her debut album is just on the horizon and damn if she didn’t go an drop a Gary Numan cover to get us all excited about it. This one apparently got a nod of approval of Uncle Gary himself; unsurprising considering the high level of production and the use of rawk sounds that dial in nicely with Numan’s own modern style. If you don’t know KANGA yet be sure to catch her performing at Terminus, Cold Waves and DB20, and for god’s sake, check for that album when it drops: we have a feeling it’s gonna blow up large.

Belgrado, “Raz Dwa”
Alright, a new album from Belgrado! The Spanish post-punk band made a fantastic impression on us when they came through town a few years back, and they’ve continued to mix up their sound in the interim. In addition to the tight combo of first wave goth and peace punk they specialize in, it sounds as though a fair bit of dub has worked its way into third LP Obraz. Expect a fuller take on this record sometime in the future…

Black Tape For A Blue Girl, “Limitless”
Thirty years of Black Tape? Tough to believe, but yes it’s true: Sam Rosenthal’s primary musical vehicle’s been active for a full three decades. The projec(k)t’s changed in ways far too numerous to get into here, of course, but Rosenthal’s stressing of the “acoustic” in “electro-acoustic” remains here on this taster from These Fleeting Moments, along with his heart-on-sleeve lyrics and vocal delivery.

SΛRIN, “Conflict”
Toronto to Berlin, SΛRIN is still rocking that hard body music flavour, complete with hot basslines and murk-ass samples. Following up on his excellent collab with Blush Response, this new 12″ from aufnahme + wiedergabe is right in his wheelhouse, techno flavoured EBM that sounds classic but has enough modern sensibility to perk up the jaded DJ’s ears or dancer’s feet.

Sadomancer, “When The Lights Are Out”
Would you really want to get a recommendation for a Danish electronic leather daddy act from someone who wasn’t Claus Larsen? Us neither, and so we’re thankful that Uncle Claus shared this EP by Sadomancer. The sound is actually far closer to synthwave than you might expect given the growling vocals, and the odd flare of EBM pops in as well.