Photo courtesy of Take it For Granted @doomsdayjill

We’re super happy to present a conversation with Jason Novak on this episode of We Have a Technical. Jason talked about the origins and new realizations of the Cold Waves festival in Chicago, his work in reviving the old Wax Trax sound with Chris Connelly as Cocksure, and that certain je ne sais quoi possessed by Severed Heads, and so much more in a fun chat which felt more like a few chuckleheads remembering why they love this clanging racket in the first place than it did a formal interview. Or…at least that’s how it felt to us. You be the judge! Cold Waves is just a couple of weeks away, and if the lineup hasn’t already convinced you to make plans to see it, maybe this’ll push you over the edge! Rate and subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher, download directly or stream from the widget below!