Cobra Vs Mongoose: The Eternal Struggle

After nearly a month of carefully calculated hype and ballyhoo, it’s finally here. The Great Debate, in which we both square off in opposing corners, ready to fight dirty, throw low blows, and endanger our decade-plus friendship all for the sake of winning an argument about goth/industrial music. With a little help from a surprise guest MC, we think we were able to put together the symphony of rhetorical attacks, parries, and counterstrikes which we’ve been building towards…or at least a reasonable facsimile of what it’s like to be stuck at a pub table with us when we happen upon a point of disagreement (which was half of the goal in starting this site in the first place). Weigh in with your own thoughts on the topic at hand in the comments, subscribe and rate on iTunes, download directly or stream from the widget below!
Also, if you’re interested in the rad DEATH TO FALSE EBM shirts we’re flogging on this episode, you can find them here at TeeSpring!