Matt doing a sink check backstage.

Hey dudes! Hope the first couple days of 2014 have treated you proper. We’re happy to be back in the saddle after our brief end of year hiatus, and thought it’d be fun to kick off the site’s year with a special guest podcast featuring Matt Fanale of Caustic fame! Matt’s a dude we’ve chatted about in the past on the podcast, and we thought his outspoken views about the state of Our Thing, and general DIY-derring-do would make him a fun person to chat with. Turns out we were right! Download directly from here, subscribe and rate on iTunes, and stream from the widget below!

00:00: As with every week, our theme music is “Black Cross (Dead When I Found Her Remix)” by ∆AIMON, available from Artoffact records.
01:43: A definitive moment in both of our young lives.
02:50: We fully endorse CVLT Nation for all your metal/crust/deathrock/hardcore blog needs.
07:15: To read more about Caustic and all Matt’s other shenanigans, stop in over at Tell Me About My Uterus.
08:50: We do enjoy a snifter of Run DMC at the holidays ourselves.
09:11: You can follow Beauty Queen Autopsy on Twitter and Facebook, and get their demo release on Bandcamp!
09:50: You can read the ID:UD interview with Erica from Unwoman here, and check out her previous collab with Matt on Caustic’s “Orchid” here!
10:30: All up in yr “Lady Business”.
14:08: Read our interview with Matt and Brian (of the Gothsicles) about the debut of the Causticles!
15:18: You can hear the debut track from Prude here!
18:40: Check out Caustic’s most recent pay what you want release OBΔMΔCΔRE on Bandcamp!
22:02: This interview with Tom Scharpling is so very worth your while.
25:30: The reissue of PWEI’s Dos Dedos Mis Amigos has great liner notes, but also whole CD of unreleased material.
31:40: For a while Matt did a really really good podcast called Caustic’s Detox. You should go listen to all the episodes, and then harass him to start doing it again.
37:20: Sensual Batman: you kinda had to be there.

37:52: Lots of good stuff to be found at Matt’s VF page and Failing Better.
38:00: Check Matt and Eric’s missive from the road.
42:25: Read more from Matt (and plenty of other industrial artists!) on the topic of success.
42:59: Alex is referring, of course, to the underpants gnomes.
52:30: We’re going to see Patton play a rather large theatre in Van in a couple of months. No failure pile nor sadness bowl there.
53:19 Boole are pretty rad.
56:02: A brief glimpse into Albini’s workflow.
1:00:24: Cop The Methuselah Tree, people.