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  1. dust1

    199X: Ladies Night

    December 1, 2015  |  199X  |  Comments (1)

    Sharon Kyronfive shows some love to the ladies of 90s industrial in this month’s edition of 199X!

  2. The author in 1994. Heck yeah that’s a poster of [i]The Crow[/i]. I’d be embarrassed if I gave a shit.

    199X: Who?

    October 14, 2015  |  199X  |  Comments (0)

    Archivist of all things rivet Sharon Kyronfive goes deep web with three cuts from far beneath the 90s industrial underground.

  3. Insekt

    199X: Is This Thing Still On?

    August 5, 2015  |  199X  |  Comments (2)

    Professor Sharon Kyronfive returns with another trio straight from the 90s videodrome.

  4. gunhed

    199X: Column Gets Heavier

    March 10, 2015  |  199X  |  Comments (5)

    Back by popular demand, Sharon Kyronfive uncovers obscure industrial gems and learns you something! It’s 199X!

  5. You know you're rivet when you took your name off of Gunhed.

    199X: A Challenger Appears

    February 3, 2015  |  199X  |  Comments (11)

    Friend of the site Sharon Kyronfive resurrects the 199X format to drop some serious science regarding obscure 90s industrial!

  6. spartak-e1362547611397

    199X: Zomething Different

    March 6, 2013  |  199X  |  Comments (2)

    Our tribute to the great second age of post-industrial music returns with some chit chat about Spartak, Batter, Construggle Test and Panic on the Titanic!

  7. David Thrussel: Industrial Balladeer or Weed Activist? You decide!

    199X: Waste of Ammo

    March 1, 2012  |  199X  |  Comments (4)

    Our ongoing look at various corners of the 90s industrial scene continues with a new mini-mix.

  8. Digital Poodle: Rock over London, Rock on, Sudbury.

    199X: Most of My Heroes Don’t Appear on No Stamp

    October 3, 2011  |  199X  |  Comments (0)

    ID:UD’s ongoing stroll down nostalgia lane continues with songs by Digital Poodle, Kode IV, Electro Assassin, Benestrophe and Zero Defects.

  9. Penal+Colony

    199X: Whatever Happened to the Laserdisc?

    August 12, 2011  |  199X  |  Comments (6)

    Cap off your week with a trip back to 90s! This installment we visit with Penal Colony, Circle of Dust, Iron Lung Corp, Yeht Mae, and Diatribe.

  10. dhi

    199X: War was beginning

    July 24, 2011  |  199X  |  Comments (1)

    A new ongoing look at some classic songs of the 90s Industrial Scene, featuring tracks from D.H.I., Swamp Terrorists, Waiting for God, Hate Dept. and Armageddon Dildos.