As our New Canon series draws to a close, we’ve collated a list of all forty of the records from the past ten years which we profiled over the past month. While we were at pains to stress that we don’t think these are necessarily top forty records of the past decade (again, please consult our annual Year End coverage for lists of that ilk), we firmly believe that each of these records is a must-listen for any fan of the respective genres we’ve classified them within. Thanks for listening to the series, and we hope you’ve found a few new favourites which get you thinking about EBM, goth, industrial, and darkwave music in new ways.

Plack Blague

Plack Blague keep the “body” in Electronic Body Music.


SPARK! – Hela Din Varld (2012, Progress Productions)

Wulfband – self-titled (2014, Progress Productions)

Sturm Cafe – Europa! (2015, SCR)

High-Functioning Flesh – Definite Structures (2015, Dais Records)

Plack Blague – Nite Trax (2017, Ormolycka)

Multiple Man – New Metal (2017, DKA Records)

Schwefelgelb – Dahinter Das Gesicht (2017, aufnahme + wiedegarbe)

Chrome Corpse – Anything that Moves (2019, Area Z)

REIN – Reincarnated (2020, Rein Records)

Visitor – Technofossil (2020, Braid Records)


Seeming – Madness & Extinction (2014, Artoffact Records)

Angels Of Liberty – Telepathine (2015, Gothic Music Records)

Terminal Gods – Outlaw Love: Five Years Outside The Law (2016, Heavy Leather Sex)

Drab Majesty – The Demonstration (2017, Dais Records)

Rosegarden Funeral Party – Martyr (2019, Moon Sounds Records)

Twin Tribes – Ceremony (2019, Negative Gain Productions)

Hapax – Monade (2019, Swiss Dark Nights)

Horror Vacui – Living For Nothing (2020, Agipunk)

Panic Priest – Second Seduction (2020, Negative Gain Productions)

Cygnets – A Dark Chapter In Our History (2021, self-released)


Encephalon – The Transhuman Condition (2011, Artoffact Records)

Necro Facility – Wintermute (2011, Progress Productions)

Chrysalide – Don’t Be Scared, It’s About Life (2011, Audiotrauma)

Distorted Memory – The Eternal Return (2014, Disciples Of The Watch)

Youth Code – An Overture (2014, Dais Records)

3Teeth – self-titled (2014, Artoffact Records)

iVardensphere – Fable (2015, Metropolis Records)

Dead When I Found Her – All The Way Down (2015, Artoffact Records)

Hide – Castration Anxiety (2017, Dais Records)

Statiqbloom – Asphyxia (2019, Metropolis Records)


Linea Aspera – self-titled (2012, Dark Entries)

Animal Bodies – The Killing Scene (2014, Hard Beat Records)

V▲LH▲LL – Leaning On Shadows (2014, Artoffact Records)

Minuit Machine – Violent Rains (2015, No Emb Blanc)

Bestial Mouths – Heartless (2016, Cleopatra Records)

Boy Harsher – Country Girl (2017, Ascetic House)

Ghost Twin – Plastic Heart (2017, Artoffact Records)

Sixth June – Virgo Rising (2017, aufnahme + wiedegarbe)

SRSQ – Unreality (2018, Dais Records)

Double Echo – Burning In Blue (2019, Icy Cold Records)